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I do not know how to put my current feelings in to words, I will just say I am over life and do not plan on being around much longer. I guess suicide for me would be the easiest option, but it is not an option that I have not put a lot of thought in to. I have tried to see the positives in every situation but I am just too exhausted to keep lying to myself thinking everything will turn out ok. I feel comfortable in knowing that I will not have to struggle for much longer.

I find it hard to communicate with others and express my emotions. I guess this in part is due to being enlisted in the military at a young age, upon leaving the military I used to hang out at a pub where ex military members used to hang out, no one would talk to each other but you felt comfortable in being around someone who had been through and seen similar things to what you had, I guess this is why I chose to come here. To be around other people who were going through similar problems to what I am. I will say thank you for letting me hang out here but I will not be around much longer.

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Hey you are right we all have been where you are some still are. You can express yourself here no one judges you. I hope you stay hang out and see this place can bring some peace healing for you. Have you reached out to the army for support they have councillors there that will talk to you You are not alone now okay I do hope you reach out for therapy and get on meds for the depression you are now having. Meds do help hun ifought it for awhile but being on them now i see how much stronger i am
You stick around okay don't be in such a rush to leave pm me anytime I know army all say suck it up move on but that is impossible when you are depressed you need to reach out for help okay it is there hugs


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agree with TE ...

is good thing you are reaching out here...
stay a while and talk to us about whats wrong
sometimes just sharing with others who understand helps

I know it's hard to find the strength to fight on but don't give up ok
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