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mem you havent been here in so long. i hope someday you come back and see this.i miss you so much :cry:youre friendship has meant allot to me and others.i just hope you know that.i miss talking to you so much.its been so long just worried you wont back.its been longer than usual.worried.hope youre ok.


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i didnt see this thread when Sarah first started this.ive only just seen it now but ive been worried about you too Mem.Where are you?i too am very worried you wont come back but i really really hope you do.ive been missing you.Truly.This place isnt quite the same without you.Please come back and i hope you are here any times you need me hun.Big kath hugs if wanted!![if not its fine to ignore - i didnt mean to offend sorry].

Please take care and i really really hope to see you around soon and i certainly will never forget you and your friendship.
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