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  1. Now is the winter of my soul complete,
    disappointments all but replete
    when even my words have been stolen from me
    What comes now, I cannot see,
    while my body is aging before my eyes
    and all hope gained was naught but lies,
    and all wisdom gleaned,
    On the path of change
    there seems no time to rearrange
    the way that water spills;
    tears may fall,
    but only downward ~
    And they’re all for ill
    For there's no more remedy here, and nothing to fulfill;
    This drama has a bitter taste,
    as all I’ve done

    Who will remember?

  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    I like this one very very much:smile: but not, most definately not the sentiments that spawned it.:sad: I fear from your words that you are losing your grip on what little peace you've ever known - please tell me I'm all wrong in that assumption...:sad: Please tell me that, sad as they are, they're your best way to vent, to let the frustration out before it does internal damage.

    I don't know what's going on with you of late, but it seems to have started with your move - nothing seems as good since that happened. What can I do to help you out of the Pit of Despair?:unsure: Is it as simple as 'hold on to me tight while I pull'? God, I hope so. Take heart. You are stronger than you know - we all are, but few of us believe it as our friends do, more's the pity.:sad:

    love always,


    I CARE!!!!
  3. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    You have a wonderfull way of expressing yourself fal1. I wish better thoughts for you in future and I would love to hear them :hug:
  4. You offer makes me want to cry. I'm devastated and thoroughly heartbroken again - and yes, you guessed right - the last bit of peace is gone. My one haven, sanctuary, home, (therapy) and very last purpose was writing weekly for a website - for the last 5 years, through utter chaos, turmoil, and sadness in my life. It was the only meaningful thing that kept me giong.
    Now the irony is that the readership had grown exponentially, but because of that, it's become too expensive (we never devised an ethical means of making money - though the site grew through word of mouth alone). I wrote my last column yesterday, and I'm in deep mourning (God, it just never STOPS). The site is shutting down till we can figure out how to downsize effectively. I feel so lost - again (I can't bear it) I'm sick with panic and dread - and grief ---- again

    I'd contacted Robin to see if he could offer any ideas - he seems to run this site so well with the advertizing in place. I don't know if he got my PM, or if he's too busy. Could I ask that someone check if he got my message? I can wait for an answer - I'm just paranoid that it didn't make it to him - it seems that everthing I do in my life is for nothing - always goes wrong. I'm cursed, jinxed, I swear.

    I'm soooooooo sad... thanks for listening

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  5. Thank you Sketches. I feel lost...even more than before

  6. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Robin will contact you as soon as he can, he always does. He's not ignoring you, probably just busy with his own life. Hang on, he'll get back to you. HANG ON, DAMMIT! DON'T LET GO FOR ANYTHING!!! I'm warning you, begging you, not to let go. I couldn't stand any more loss. So many people on here, so many friends, and seems that all of them are going thru hopelessness and deep despair. I couldn't stand to lose you too, so DON'T LET GO, DAMMIT!! DON'T!!


  7. Must check out if Mercury is in retrograde again - an excuse for everything going wrong for too many people at the same time...

    (I know we're in full moon, but I usually feel saner then - go figure)

    I'm slipping - I'm *not* letting go - there's a difference...

  8. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Ok, there's a difference - so put leather "gripper" gloves on then and prevent slipping - ok? OK??? Please. I can't take any more loss, not my own, or the loss of friends. I"m already standing on the edge (and I don't like heights) and frozen with fear so badly I can't move back from the precipice. So don't push me over by "slipping", dammit! I beg you, I demand that you put on non-slip emo-gloves. I don't care if I'm making sense or not, I've finally caught the "bug" going around and feel like shit right now, just DON'T SLIP AWAY!!! PLEASE!!


  9. kindtosnails

    kindtosnails Staff Alumni

    I just had to tell you that after reading this, I have the first tears I've had in several months. I've craved this moment, but now its here, i wish it didnt have to be through your pain. Your words are incredible, so expresive. Hold on.
  10. Thanks Blueberry - sorry it was me that made you cry - I'm full of stuff that needs to be released, but I'm afraid. And words are all I have. I hope it was a "good" cry for you... & thank you - for sharing my pain...

  11. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    :hug: we do remember :sad:
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