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Memory and stuff

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I'm having extreme.. extreme issues with memory. Especially awareness memory. If that makes any sense. Like where you know a situation is dire.

I guess I need an example. Lets say you're in the freaken jungle, and you know jack all about it. Obviously you're going to be worried about your life, which is a feeling, an awareness that's hightened, constantly stimulated, which connectes and emphasises(ignites, sparks) associated feelings and thoughts, which differ completely from being comfortable.

It's a crude example, im just having trouble remembering and connecting. I can get an awareness from a situation, .. but without stimulation from the situation,.. i quickly fade into a "comfortable" dumbass drool from your mouth detached moron. Sorry, it's really frustrating and im trying to snap myself out of it, so .. i guess im trying to label it as something Ill dispise.

It's gotten that bad that without some sort of emotional connection, i can't reconnect with it on the same level. It's like my heads gone to fog and it's blurrying my thoughts and emotions. Today ill talk about something speific that's painful or interesting. The next time I talk about it, it's completely not the same as the first time, unless I force it. the only thing I can think of is I have a complete disasociate attitude to life. It's making it very difficult for me to "know" who I am. I feel constantly weird or unhappy. probably because I can't reference and build connective building blocks and grow or work from them.

Idk. Is this normal when you feel like crap all the time? Anyone have any "tips" on re-affirming who you are?

*edit* it's literally happening right now. I post it, and I feel a minor head rush like im running away or worried or something. Which pulls me out of this line of thinking and into a void of nothing. :S


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I guess that's an easyway of looking at it. In general, sometimes I just loose an overall perspective of the importance of everything and fall into a goop that seems mess me about but feels "comfortable". And I cant get out of it. Im ok right now but sometimes it just creeps in. Makes it very difficult to function as how I would because it's like im looking and feeling through a crap fest of fog that stops me from just being who I am normally,soI don't think or feel normally.

idk odd to expalin.
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