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Memory Lane

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Unicorns_Grace, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Unicorns_Grace

    Unicorns_Grace Active Member

    I've spent the weekend staying at my mum and dads house and well lets be honest not much has changed, I have pretty close relationship with my mum and enjoy spending time with her we tried to go and do some of the Christmas shopping and well its sometimes hard as she has kidney failure and is currently waiting for a transplant, its a lot of good and bad days.
    I cant say my relationship with my dad is anything.. in fact he hasn't changed one bit hes still selfish and a nasty drunk..
    we ended up in an argument after he and my mum had a disagreement when he had come home drunk from the pub normally I wouldn't get involved in these and let them have their argument and then give them the space to sort things out.

    but when the words come out of his mouth of "i'd be better off if you were dead" I saw red and I flew down the stairs to my mothers defence.

    I wont go into who said what or who was more hurtful but all I know is right this moment I feel nothing but disgust for this man... how horrible can you be.
    he then turned things on to me and start his verbal assault on me which in truth I would prefer as then he is leaving my mum alone.

    some of the things he said I still have running around my brain how hes not my dad and he never wanted me.
    I was a mistake he only ever wanted my brothers.
    he then took it to a whole new low of he wishes I was dead because I'm never going to amount to anything in my life I'm just a waste of space.

    he left me shaking with rage I had to literally force myself to stay upstairs he made me that angry that I considered hurting him and I'm not talking a punch I'm talking more serious than that.

    This is one of the reasons why I moved out before, I couldn't keep living with his bullying because although he doesn't realise and he wont admit it that's all he is a bully who thinks he can control everyone and everything.
    His drinking and the pub comes first over his family and always will do.

    I don't really know why or how my mum has put up with him her answer is she has no where to go and he knows it.... I know I shouldn't say it but I told her to divorce him she has my home where she is more than welcome to come and live in its only me there and I have 3 bedrooms.

    even when she tells him she wants a divorce it doesn't even make him stop and think, he shows no remorse.

    me and my mother haven't spoken to him hes not even tired to sort things out.
    I'm still staying here until Monday but as awful as I sound for saying this I'm completely done with him I went through this the whole time I was a child. I want nothing to do with him. he makes me sick to my stomach with how nasty he is and how he thinks its ok..
  2. Deety

    Deety SF Supporter

    What a horrible situation, I am sorry you and your mother had to deal with his nastiness. You are right, there comes a time when enough is enough, I hope you feel better for making that decision.
  3. Skylar

    Skylar Well-Known Member

    I definitely feel for you. My dad was bad and my parentservice divorced and my mum though she finally will find peace but guess what? My stupid brother got in the way of that. He thinks it's his right to interfere with my mom. He didn't go to another city for college, he is 24 but he still lives with my mom. I won't go into detail and explain the horror he has caused through the years but I am glad I live in another city now, I went as far away possible for college. I remember wanting to even kill him. My mom is gonna move out of the city too. He is a horrible person. He thinks the world has been so creel to him, he thinks he is right and everybody else on the planet is wrong. Oh God, what horrible days I've been through... He would come after midnight, start fights and I would wake up and he would get pissed if I said anything but when we made a little noise and woke him up he would tear the place down. I haven't talked to him in years. Best is to not talk to these kind of people. It is very unlikely of them to change because they think they are right. So I definitely get what you are going through. The best is not to talk to him at all. I hope you can convince your mom to move out to you. I know it is hard but try not to take him seriously, that is what I'm doing anyways. I wish you all the best. I am here if you need me :)
  4. Skylar

    Skylar Well-Known Member

    Hey there are misspelled words in the second sentence. My parents and my mom thought. Sorry it was the fuck up of autocorrect.