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Memory loss

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Has anyone experienced memory loss of their suicide attempt?
(either from Post traumatic stress or potentially concussions)


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I haven't had this experience of memory loss, but there may well be people here who have done.

I hope you find someone who can relate to what you're going through.


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I have not received memory loss like this, butI often have blanks of time where my mind has just given up and has dissociated away.

It is often in these times that I make an attempt, and then when I 'come round' I get help. So I don't really remember what I have done, yet it is clear I have done something, ie lots of tablets missing, or whatever.

Also though, the same process has protected me at times and I have had tablets ready to do soemthing, but then found myself an hour later somewhere totally different.

If you want to chat feel free to PM me

Take care


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I was hoping for post-traumatic stress memory loss. So I would eventually remember what happened. Spending too many restless nights awake wondering about it. Hypnosis failed to bring the memories back…so I memories were probably lost to a concussion.

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