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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by annie-crafts, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. annie-crafts

    annie-crafts Well-Known Member

    does anyone else find that depression can mess with your memory? i don't know if it's the meds or the depression or what. maybe it's because i feel so numb most of the time, that i'm not paying attention to what is going on, so i don't remember.

    i've also had 2 courses of ECT (electroconvulsive "therapy") which is known to cause memory problems.

    it's really interfering with my daily life. i can't finish sentences, forget how to spell, i can't find the words for common things, ....and now i forget what i was just going to write here.

    just wondering if anyone else has memory problems and how you deal? for me, it's just another reason not to stick around, cuz i embarrass myself all the time because of what i can't remember. another failure.

    people tell me that it's really bad. and i'm on a med that is supposed to help with cognition. plus i take supplemental omega 3's, which are supposed to help with memory.

    i just feel at a loss and am wondering if anyone else expereinces this.
  2. Mightbehere

    Mightbehere Well-Known Member

    Yeah I experience that, you tend not to remember things because you sad and 'its crap' so you don't really bother to take it in. I've been getting better at things but people have said that when you get older that happens I'm worried that what will I be like when I'm older. But hopefully I'll be happier then or dead.
  3. Shock

    Shock Well-Known Member

    Yeah ive been experiancing memory problems too. Ive had to start carrying a diary around now. I dont take meds so maybes its just a depression thing?
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