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men v. women

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or girls v. boys.

It really annoys me when women/girls will say things like "I DON'T like to hang out with other girls, they're just way too much drama" or such bullshit. You may not see it the way I do, but I think it is very demeaning. Women tend to hate other women for no apparent reason. I think women are just afraid of a little competition ( :rolleyes: ) and will not even give a woman a chance before they start judging them.

And don't even get me started on the whole "slut" thing. I do not even use that word. Its crass, unnecessary, and just plain mean. I have no reason to use words like slut and *****. I'm kind of big on casual sex (well, not big, but I have my reasons for it if you get what I'm saying...) and I think that just because a woman wants to have safe, protected sex with a few males and/or females... what's wrong with that? sex is good fun and enjoyable at that. There is no reason to call a woman a slut, *****, etc. just because she likes to have fun.

Basically, society already favors men. Why are some women making it even worse for us?


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im a guy, this is what i observe

its because girls are so insecure so they beat down others to make them feel ebtter

they put them down so they are feared and no one will touch her.
and what is wrong with sex. im a virgin. but so what if someone has sex its natural, we dont help our drives. so it shouldnt matter


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I'm all about my girls. I'm sure you've heard bros before hos.....I'm all about my girls before guys.

I'm just a girls girl...I have male friends but I prefer my girls. Just a preference.
all women say that at some point, that they get along better
with men whilst it's not true at all.

Most girls have girl (friends) that hang around with, how many times
have you seen a bunch of guys hanging around with a single girl? Once

twice maybe?


women can be great artists you know ;)



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Regarding the OP on a serious note, I don't think it's as simple as categorising 'men' and women'.

Some men are great blokes....some men are twats.

Some women are lovely....some women are bitches.
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