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  1. Ruby

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    There's one thing why I hate psychiatrists and that's because they have more power than medics - THEY CAN DETAIN PEOPLE UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT! To me that is disgusting, putting someone away from society as though they've committed a serious crime. A person can be suicidal. What's the solution? Lock them up and prescribe copious amounts of psychotropic drugs in the hope that it'll numb the feelings.

    To be detained under the mental health act a person must have an identifiable mental disorder. Being suicidal doesn't automatically mean that a persons ill so where's the justification in locking someone up in a lunatic ward?

    Doctors don't seem to understand that my suicidal ideation has nothing to do with mental illness. I've made a conscious, clear minded decision that I want to end my life so I can't see why people won't accept my wishes and leave me to do away with myself.

    The system is disgusting. Being sectioned is the medical equivalent of being in prison.
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    While I agree that the mental health act does not seem fair in its entirety, it is there to try and protect those who may not be able to protect themselves. Maybe not all suicidal people are victims of a mental illness, but when they are in that state of mind they are unable to protect themselves. Maybe it is a temporary mental illness. I cannot say. Do I agree with it? I am not sure. But it was put in place to keep some people safe from themselves.
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    I can understand how you feel about the mental healh act. I have been sectioned when I have been severely depressed and suicidal and wouldn't go into hospital willingly as I hate the place. And I hated it when I couldn't leave the ward for some fresh air for 5 minutes or if I could I had to be accompanioned by staff that really annoyed me as I live on my own so I go out when I want and nurses were saying no you can't or you can have 5 minutes out but only with staff. I managed to self harm when I was in hospital and when I was eveutually allowed out on my own I had to have my bags searched etc when I returned to the ward in case I had razor blades or anything I could use to self harm myself.
    If I asked myself the question should I have been sectioned not sure but I guess if I hadn't I would have gone through with suicide at that time so I surpose it served its purpose. Hasn't stopped me from attempting since and to be honest I don't think it ever would the thoughts are just to strong. But I guess sometimes we need saving from ourselves even if we can't see it or even want it and I guess thats where the mental health act comes in so we can be in a place of safety when things are really bad.
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    I have to agree with you to a certain extend. Its awful that people who are mentally disturbed are locked up in hospitals against their will. Those places are horrible places and I wouldnt wish that experience on my worst enemy. I will admit that sometimes (rarely) is it the right move to make. If someone is violent and really attempting to hurt people and hasnt showed any improvment with therapy, medications, and all other proven treatments available then a short stay in the hospital may do the trick.. I do know that I never want to be in another mental hospital - they are just plain horrible.
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    I must say I do agree with you, Corrina.. Can be baffling, seems there is no way to completely help and etc to where everyone is happy and comfortable and have their wishes...

    Though, it can be so miserable in some hospitals, or even all, depending on if you have certain illnesses and phobias. :(
  6. Ruby

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    I was sectioned for no real reason when I was 16 and now i'm automatically on a 'section 112' aftercare. It makes me laugh when they mention that a person can 'appeal against it'. Like anyone is going to listen to a supposed mental patient over several psychiatrists and social workers. It's a joke.
  7. I think that it is absolutely wrong of psychiatrists to "imprison" people based off of what they perceive is a "mental illness". Since there has yet to be scientific proof of "mental illnesses", there is no reasonable justification in keeping someone in a psych ward against their will.