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    What is it about self harm that all of them, voluntary and paid that makes them think its exclusively a fucking teen problem? Every single one of them are all the same. I have never in my entire life seen such bullshit. They all seem to think for some reason that at 19 your cured, its not going to affect you anymore. Even worse is the fact that if your male then they look at you like your a fucking idiot and shouldnt even be having this discussion or the worst, you should just man up and deal with it like the stereotypical bullshit that society feeds you every single day.

    Now you know why male suicide rates are so high, because not one single professional ever listens to a single word you say. Fuck the lot of them, im never ringing anyone up ever again the bunch of fuckwits. Crisis team my left arse cheek, its only a crisis if your female, if your male then they make you feel even more worthless.
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    I can only speak from my own experience obviously but i had quite good support from the crisis team at my local hospital, they visited me every 2-3 days to check to see how i was they saw me for about 4 weeks which is apperently 2 weeks longer than usual and their doctor prescribed me medication at the end of it. They even referred me to something called day oppotunities, which i'm not entirely sure what it is, it just says something like 'to discuss any areas of interests and aspirations that may assist you in your recovery journey'.

    I'm assuming you rang the crisis team rather than going to visit them at the hospital, perhaps talking to them face to face may have a different outcome.
    I hope you find the support you need, i'm just sorry i can't help you more.
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    Hey Wayne I'm so sorry you were treated like's so not right!

    I can understand why you would be angry with the 'crisis' team....
    you reach out to them which is hard enough and then that happens!..

    seems like a worldwide phenomenon because I've had some bad experiences with them here in my country.
    my psychologist told me next time to go into the hospital and don't leave until they take me seriously.....pppffftt!!

    With all this stuff about Suicide Prevention you would think the proper medical authorities would take you seriously!

    I hope you can find the help you need Wayne ..
    Don't give are much loved and needed..

    I for one have missed you around here..:arms:
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    Wow, that would make me mad too! I'm female, however. I don't think they treat people like that where I live. They always take me seriously. I'm very lucky, I guess. They should not treat you that way. What asses. I'm so sorry.
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    Try it at 38...apparently " I'll grow out of it"...I know how hard it xan be for men in MH...and I iwsh you good recovery and peace
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    I agree that they are useless Wayne. They don't help the people who seriously need help and waste their time on people who don't even really need their help that urgently.
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    It's so sad, and so twisted and wrong. I've seen the same thing happen to other men, and it's ridiculous.
  8. Man are human with emotions too.. Whoever started the man cannot cry at all (phrases) are idiot!
    Both genders should be given equal emotional support.
    :hug: Wayne
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    I've noticed many, many people seem to think self-harm is one of those things "only teenagers do". Indeed, it's because the general population (or.. people who don't self-harm) tend to associate self-harming with 'attention seeking' 15 and 16 yr old girls and the media, of course, play a part in this. The stigma of adults (20+) self-harming, whether men or women, is much higher since they are expected to have grown out of it.

    I'm sorry the MHS have been fucking useless for you, it's true there are sections of society which think men should just "man up" or at the worst think mentally ill men are potential Raoul Moats or something. However, don't think the Crisis Team are excellent to females either; at least not in my experience or my (both female and male) friends experiences. I've dealt with them twice, they came late (1hr+), said a lot of fuck all, gave advice that I'd heard 92372737 times in the past, said I should be on meds (when I don't want meds nor have they worked in the past) then just pissed off. They treat you like a number or something.

    I think it probably all comes down to where you live, a post-code lottery. Some areas of the UK get better mental health services than others.