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Mental health team

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I have an appointment this afternoon to see mental health team and i am very nervous as i have been waiting 3-4 yrs for this app. I am scared about going over the main problem again with someone i don't know i know i'm being silly and i need this help but just so scared, what if i don't like her? what if she doesn't like me? i don't think i could go through waiting again as taken so long this time.


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The initial interview is all about assessing what help you need.
The person/persons you see today probably won't be the one you will later work with.
So whether they like you or you them is a bit of moot point.
Just make sure you get what YOU want from this interview, the help you deserve and waited for so long for.

Good luck :hug:
I just started trying to find somebody to talk to today. I've been to two other therapists and it hasn't worked out, I'm going the psychiatrist route this time. Please post the outcome of your (hopefully) informative visit.


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Hi well i'm not sure why i was worried she is really nice and she tells you how she sees it. I will be working with her again wich i'm glad about. It was quite a painful assesment but we did sort some things out the only problem is she can't see me for a fortnight now but hopefully with the meds and what we did discuss today i will be just fine. She even managed to make me laugh which not done much of in last couple of weeks so things looking up already.


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I think i am really going to get the help this time. She even apologised for not getting back to me after xmas. I am soo glad i listened to you all. Thank you very much xx
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