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Why is it that when i have been to see Mental Health Nurse i actually feel worse than before i went in? I don't think she is very helpful yet apparently to get counselling i must see her first. She has been telling me she doesn't think i should take my level 3 course at college as she doesn't think i would be able to handle it also she doesn't think i'm ready to go back into work so i'm meant to carry on sitting at home thinking about what made me deepressed and carry on being depressed. Am i the only person who thinks this will hold me back? Should i stop going? Any advice would be appreciated i have wanted to ask in chat but unfortunately not had the guts.

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Hi hun the nurse is just worried you will become overwhelmed with amt of work at school She thinks working on your mental health right now is important. I see your point though when you are kept busy the depression is less you feel like you are accomplishing your goals Ithink you have to go with what you want you feel okay If you go to school and things are too much then you can always drop a class take less a work load It is your decision hun don't let them take that decision from you You know what you are capable of doing hugs to you


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talk to her manager and ask for a new CPN, its important to have a good relationship with your nurse so if youre not happy with her approach then you need to do something about it, even if her intentsions are good. CPNs are supposed to encourage intergration into society anyway.

If i'm ever in chat, just PM me, i'm the easiest person to talk to on whole the planet! :)


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:hiya: Hun if you dont think its the right thing to do dont do it but i do understand why she would be concerned about you taking too much on at once xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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