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hi everybody...i just spent 4 months locked up in a mental hospital..first they said i had depression now they say i have be honest with everybody i had a great time at the hospital i even met a girl there and we were together for 3 months.we even had sex in the bathroom at the hospital so im glad because before her i hadnt had a girlfriend for many years.Most people would say that being locked up in a mental hospital is hell but it was great..Obviously im glad to be out of there and back home but im just saying that it was a positive experince for me.HAs anyone else ever been locked up in a mental hospital????


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yep went to the hosp even tho i thought i didnt need it but did and it was a great thing for me, i met people with issues and good hearts like me and i realized i wasnt the only one out there with issues..i probly coulda but i didnt have sex as you did so it sounds like you had a few extra perks then me. but remember self respect and pride is part of depresssion , i hope you are doing ok and the time in the hospital has helped as it sure did for me.
take care !!!


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yeah i only spent a short time but i found it a positive experience. i kinda wish i was still there , cause it made me feel safe. but im also very glad to be free.
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