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    How does someone get over having been confined in one of these places?

    I've always been sane, and yet I've been in and out of two different mental hospitals for a total of almost one month.

    Can't find the right thing to type, so I'm just gonna say it has changed the way I see other people forever, I haven't even had a single friend since being freed last year. I know it affected my relationship with my ex-online-girlfriend too.

    Not to mention the pending court hearing, charging me with resisting arrest, even though they shot me with a taser gun when my hands were up in the air. All the other bogus charges they had on me were dropped too.

    :sad: Nobody likes me. I still have my family but they are just as sick of me as I am. What do I do to get my life back?
    I just want to be loved, nobody wants me to be nice, would they rather I be nothing?

    I just don't know what to do anymore. My mom is in trouble with her bastard husband's abuse, too, and she lives in Florida so I can't do anything.
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    I hope you can talk to your doctor or a therapist about this. I hope you are on medication to help you as well. People don't understand mental illness so they tend to stay clear of someone with it. Their ignorance is not fair i know i truly hope you can get supports in place so you can function outside the hospital setting. Just concentrate on getting well and staying well okay hospitals are good for short stay but you need to get support in your community now to stay well. Group therapy maybe check out what you community has for help okay
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