mental shift impossible.

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  1. 1568

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    What do you do
    When I believe that dying is my only option?
    The belife wont shift
    It owns me
    Its a slient beast
    I cant do anything I cant move
    It has me gripped and life stands still
    My problems can not be solved which I have accepted
    not at peace with it
    but i have netherless accepted it

    Please answer honestly
  2. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    focus your mind on something else.

    like what is it that you would like to know about other then dying?

    try focusing on living, on the birth of a tiny baby, on the birth of a animal, or just a tiny flower.. the interbet is endless, try typing up anything in the search engine that has to do with life.

    do you like sci-fi stuff? trying searching for aliens and ufos and things like that. a very great place to look at is it deals a lot with more then just ufos, and aliens, it has links to ghosts, spirituality to monsters, to life after death.. gives you a good read.

    try taking walks in a park or just out in your neighborhood.. try giving of your time to help others perhaps a local rescue squad? or mission? i do not know if your a female or male but if you can cook, then bake up some goodies and go give them to old people in nursing homes, most of them are shut in and have been abandoned by their own familes. and if you are fond of animals, try visiting the local shelter and playing with the animals. show them a little love, most have never known love.

    basically focus all your energy outward toward others,

    just my two cents. :hug:
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