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mentally alinetated parents?

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alientated and alientating

has anyone else dealt with this?
Im still dealing with the aftereffects of untreated health issues and mental wreckage and ill never be k, im tring but feel it was not meant to be, feel like a torture victim
They always denied everything that was not good , we never could discuss any issues and im dealing with the consequences of that on my health and overall life.
People here are very mean and sadistic so i guess thats why my parents rather denie all reality cause they cant handle it and the dumb things they did but im trapped between these horrible people. I know there is batter out there but im here and one can see i grew up here :(
They both qualify for skitzoaffective, they function fine till reality is non likeble, than they retreat into their own world and deny reality.And they have been doing it a lot during their lives. Dont even know where to start explaneing what that did to me and our lives overall. The situations they put me i and the warped perceptions and attitudes twords me and subhuman behaviour they cough up at bad times without exception, how they agravated me every single time and acted like they helped me and did a great thing and im alright and everything is great. My dad is mostly manic and for some reason very manic about me, its like he seas me and goes manic, its so disturbing for me now and triggering after what they put me thro. Also whenever i start acting nice my mom starts acting mean to me and by mean i mean very cruel and dehumanizeing. I feel like i have to have my guard up all the time cause whenever things sema a bit in place and feel like i can catch my breath they start acting crazy and disturbing. Like my dad stars telling me what i like and no reasoning will get to his brain im a human and a i have feelings and im not appreciateing what he wants me to appreciate. And i ashure u hes deluded about what he seas as great...and by great i mean greatness. Sometimes i throw stuff and shout at them to stop and it seams to be the only thing getting to their perverted brain.
Im stuck in a poor house with old demented people that I feel invalidated me and made me less than human, and all i can do is dream someone will let me out but doubt it can happen
Also seams i trained my dad to understand he needs to shut up if i tell him so so guess hes not doing it all consciously but like he is always acting on what hes used to act and than i throw him a look or dont answer and he shuts up. Or sometimes he realizes himself the things he says and stopes after that. But its makes me cry whenever im in a batter mood eh feels he can come and deverse some dementedness and the things he says r so insulting it drives me 100% crazy
Also need to add they they r old now but been acting like this all my life :( people tell me they r old but it makes my cry cause all i can think of is ask what where they 10 years ago cause they act mostly the same, its so dehumanizing

On neede to ad i think they do thins to me cause i was depressed since forver, and turns out had good reasons to but they just refused to see im ill physically. So i feel liek they just treat me like im less thna human for that and should have no self respect , but it only made outr lives hell. Bene forced to act like every retarded impression they have is real when i was a kid and now it drives me crazy angry remembering. Also because the illness i had could have been delt with but just havent cause they like to think themselves as educated but r more ignorant than a bunch of gypsies on basic human issues.
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Can't say had it that bad, but my family did have a tendency to brush things under the carpet.
God forbid we ever had anything out :blink:
They also made a decision about something I had said that made a huge impact on me at the time.
I realise now that what I had said was too awful for them so they decided it was someone else who'd done this terrible thing to me...but never actually told me this till years later :ohmy:
Happily, for me, we now do have everything out and no one is hiding things away or ignoring them anymore.

Am assuming, that like me, you are an only child:unsure:
Gotta laugh at the people who always insist that I must have been spoilt rotten...they have no bloody idea the stress of being the "only" one.

Is there no way you can leave?
Feel you cannot heal while still tied to your parents. :hug:


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well nice to know im not the only one with parents in denial its ,so crazy
yeah im am the only child and really wish i could have shared so of that so called loveing care lol looks like anything but that
am trying to get away but seams imposible , beel isolated all my life so people dont really get past that, its really hard for me, am trign to work steady but feel like ive been working to much at loss and no more to give for free, hopefully ill get some fair pay job and get back on my feet, afcoure we are and always where poor


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Just keep working while looking for something better.
Then maybe a flat/apartment share?
When I was skint I moved into a house with 5 other skint peeps :laugh:
Remember sitting in the pub with a coke between 3 of us, but it was fun and gradually got a better job and life began to look up :smile:


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your priority now is yourself. you need to get better and you shouldn't bet thinking about anyone else for now. not even your parents.

how old are you? if you are old enough, you need to move out. misery is contagious and so is depression. you are getting worse because everyone around you is worse.

get out of that place. focus on doing things that you like. get a job. start building a life that you deserve. you don't need anyone. at least not those that will put your down.


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I actually came here to vent because I am now 23, and I am just angry how my parents pushed me aside. I couldn't get a full blown counselor. No, I got a cheap church counselor I saw every three weeks to a month apart. How do you like seeing someone you pay $16 bucks every month. In high school, they denied that I could be autistic or anything. They simply said to pray. Now I am screwed up, and I hate them so much. You know what my brother did in order to learn how to drive from my parents? He stole the car. He was a huge prick, and it worked. I just reminded them. I would like to do this. Sorry, we have no money because sister needs more dance lessons and brother is in martial arts. * Mom goes to Las Vegas.* Ask again next season for whatever I wanted. Nope, no money. Everyone got to have fun. What did I get to do? Nothing.

Then my mom brain washed me.

You're such a good because you "never spend my money." You're such a "good, simple child."

"Isn't swimming two days a week good enough? How about you stop for awhile (even though my endurance was horrible) because it's winter, and I don't want to drive you at night in the cold."

Dad: "Football is bad because people get injured. It's a waste of time. All sports are a waste of time. You should focus on school and only school. Art is evil because anything that isn't made to show reality is idolatry."

MY parents sucked. They still suck.
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@ Terry and chipper
yeah my priority is getting batter and being independent but wondering if its possible, been isolated all my life and have conditions i cant seam to keep under control and docs here dont give a shit cause its obvious no one gives a shit about me so why should they
i have looks issues some from the conditions and r with me for life
also always got bullied for the way i look, doubt id feel k going to u pub regardless of money when i know first thing people see and care about is my looks

@Darksider yeah i know what you mean, my parents never really cared, if i did well they "cared" but if i had problems they just hated me , even if i had to go to the dentist they had to take it out on me and make me feel miserable ,they r dirt poor , i have no words for what i feel for them now and for what they did to me, feel like i was bought up by the scum of the earth, and its not just they had money issues but always denied it too and forced me into acting we r someone eltse (semas they believed it too ) and just got me in a shit i dont know how to get out of, its sad some people talk, since they only have simulacrum of brains and would walk on four feet if society did not force them to walk on 2

Yeah some parents deserve terrible kids that hit them and steal their money and make their life hell, they really do
feel like my mom just tortured me for kicks and i will never be k
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