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  1. taylord

    taylord New Member

    was my drug of choice. here in the uk it is available for about £6 (like $10) a gram, online, straight to your doorstep totally legal.
    better than coke. worse than coke
    cant eat for days, sleep, chewed tongue, rapid weight loss, eyesight and hearing, muscles, memory.
    addicted for 6 months, £3,400 in debt.
    dont ever try it. if you have to, chose quality.:poo:
  2. Neverhappyalwayssad

    Neverhappyalwayssad Well-Known Member

    I love it, the talkativeness, the feeling of energy, the alertness, the euphoria its all great. Don't know if I would use it more than every so often because not much is known, but out of all the RCs I have tried mephadrone is the best.
  3. One of the worst come downs in my life. I will never go near that stuff again.
  4. TerrapinStation

    TerrapinStation Well-Known Member

    mephadrone is nasty. Stick to MDMA or snorting pure cocaine if those are the type of things that interest you
  5. Landlocked blues

    Landlocked blues Well-Known Member

    i love it. i do it on a regular basis. i hate the fact im addicted but i cant give it up. it makes me feel confident and i can be who want. im really open on meph and if i dont take it im shy and quiet.
  6. weevil

    weevil Well-Known Member

    Lots of people seem to be having a problem with this, what got you into it? Were you looking for an MDMA substitute like a lot of people or just curiosity to try everything?

    I tried it for the latter reason, didn't like it at all. Unlike most I got a horrible comedown that had me awake, jittery and paranoid for 24 hours. Not much of a surprise with me tho since I only ever truely crave the relaxing drugs.

    Anyone enjoying it be aware all the health concerns.
  7. Sapphire

    Sapphire Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's good advice.
  8. alle_vite

    alle_vite Well-Known Member

    ive had it a few times and personally dont rate as being all that good, i didnt feel euphoric or anything like that if anything it made me more talkative but thats about it
  9. TerrapinStation

    TerrapinStation Well-Known Member

    Note too that it's about to be made illegal, meaning it will still be available but will cost 4 times the price, it will be 50% mephedrone and 50% whatever white powder the dealer could find in his kitchen, and you'll have to go to the ghetto to buy it.
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