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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

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What will you guys be doing this Christmas? Any plans for a New Year's Eve?
I will be spending this Christmas in Germany where my sister and her husband live. My parents and my brother-in-law parents are coming over too. But for a New Year's Eve party I am coming back to London where all my friends are and will probably get pissed in a local boozer or somewhere:)
I would normally go to a rave party but since I finished with drugs I no longer go to such places.
I would like to wish you all a happy christmas and let the new year be a better one the this one.
Im spending Christmas eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day out of London at my uncle and aunty's house. First christmas not at my nans since i was born, so thats gonna be a bit weird :unsure:

Not sure about new years eve, maybe with aunty and uncles again, don't think i wanna celebarate another year :sad:
I'm going to be very boring and celeberate it with my parents and my uncle. My aunt and my other uncle will be away at their caravan (yes, in the winter!! They are old and therefore insane)...even if they were at home, they wouldn't come, because even since they got back together (long story) the rest of the family don't like him.
So, yeah. Christmas day, at home with the parents. Boxing day, at home with the parents. New Year's Eve...at home with the parents.
I know. I totally don't have a life.


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Christmas Day with mom and brother, and kids (when they're not with their dad). New Year's Eve, home alone by choice celebrating quietly. Not driving anywhere that night cause every drunk in the world will be on the roads...:ohmy:



Working, yep thats right I will be sitting at my desk scrowling the internet for stuff to do for twelve hours, but that means no faimly (yay) and also means not sitting in front of a seven elven all night smoking with my freind couse their aint nothing else to do.
I have no idea what I will do for these days this year. I would like to forget they ever existed. I hope you all enjoy the holiday season. It should be one of happiness for all. Take care. :hug: Happy Holidays.


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This year I've chosen to go to my dad and his partner's house for Christmas.. it's my first year away from my mum (mum's taking it harder than I am!)

Boxing day i'll be travelling back up to mum's

27th I'll be having Christmas #2, with my mum, her partner and his kids... not to mention i'll be going to the Next (clothes shop) christmas sale, which starts at 5am!!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

New Year.. i'm not sure yet.. possibly at a friends house for a :party:
Christmas Eve, I'll be at home (on here, probably :rolleyes: ;) )
Christmas Day, at home too
Boxing Day, at home
27th, at home
28th, at home
29th - 31st, in Berlin :( I'll miss ya all ... (but I'm back in the morning, early :D )
1st - Up to Barbican to see the New Year's Gala Concert :), but that's in the evening
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