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    Frightened flagbearer of a heated truce
    The love I thought: betrayed and loose
    Mind entwined in a time less lonely
    How is it now you don’t want to know me?
    Did I ruin my one chance at love?
    Or was I merely spat out of vindictive glove?
    Slated heart in a mask chemically dark
    Sets itself alone and apart
    Only want to feel and heart
    Why is lovingcare as phantom of park?

    Selling itself ever lowly
    Flippant coward
    Refused; betrothed me
    What is the allure of unkind feral cure?
    When missing out on amorous pure?
    Many will the stingers come
    They’ll leave you cold
    As they bang your war drum
    They’ll never be able to fill the mark
    A goo that's light can still be dark

    Red are lions guarding your den
    They are impervious to tenderness and the pen
    Endless is their spurning hunger
    Chewing upon heartstrings great in number
    A cast iron red door
    With bristles burning
    Love is war
    Sealed within this star-jilt chamber
    Rests decent buried lovestarved member
    Dying wish: you’d wake and remember
    That love is what you need

    If I could write the full pages of this heart
    Upon the broken slate
    Strong yearning not past
    Set alight your browning haze
    Give you dreams and purpose
    Set your mind ablaze
    Revitalise the dying ways
    Together we’re stronger
    Apart death says

    It is all a useless brick
    Rubbing my insides
    Chimerically sick
    My love to you a worthless trick
    Riches laid before you
    Are nothing
    And you kick
    I’ll always love you
    And it makes me sick.
    (no cure is quick)

    ~ Muffin
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    Hugs to you hun you use your words so well hun
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