Message that I would dearly like to send..

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    I hope that, wherever you are, and I know that you're together, that you're happy, stringing him along. I hope that because of my actions, you can now have all those "dinners" that you never had before but that you so sorely "missed" when he fell in love with you and you couldn't love him back. When he made things weird for you, and *I* was the one that listened, day in and day out, while trying not to let it affect my friendship with him too. I hope now, that you'll be very happy when he starts acting weird again, when he starts to fall in love with you again, and you have no one left to talk to because you burnt all your bridges. No one left to stick up for you in the house, or take away the awkwardness when it's just the two of you alone. In fact, I hope that when you fall in love with him back, due to all the "support" you've manipulated from him, that he turns around to you and breaks your heart just the same as you did to him.

    (Since I memo'd myself not to post things on Facebook when I was angry, I'm posting it here instead. Sorry to SF.)
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    Lets hope those "dinners" are "dogs dinners". :)

    It is only right that you should wish this person some karma.