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I'm a logical person & have considered all methods of how to end it. My termoil is finding a way to end it without too much mess, a guaranteed end and causing the least distress to my family?


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SF is a pro life site , you cannot discuss methods here and they won't be tolerated, do you want to talk about why you are feeling this way?


Ive been in the same position as yourself recently and from what I have learned, there really is no easy way to do it. Also, there is a great chance that you will survive your suicide attempt and end up in an even worse state (ie paralysed or permenantly brain damaged). Trying to get help and continuing to fight as best you can is the only advice I could give, I know thats a lot easier said than done though.


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Have you reach out to get support to get you through? Depression only makes thoughts about death appear logical. Sometimes we need others and even professional help for us to see differently. welcome at SF, hope you fill find people here to relate and understand you.
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