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  1. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    tried it the other night, dont remember much cause i also xxxx. but i do remember feeling really euphoric and that everything was perfect.

    anyone ever tried this? supposedly it's a legal form of E but not as strong and doesn't last as long. my friend says he does upwards of 20 a week... if i ever do pills (which is rarely), or shrooms, the most ill ever do is 1 dosage a month, and only once have i ever done it two months in a row (and that was shrooms), i'm scared to try it again too soon because there isn't much credible knowledge of it online.

    i assume it's going to be illegal in the US very shortly, seeing as the UK just made it illegal. does anyone know what effects it has on the brain? like long term damaging effects of over using? it just made me feel so amazing, which is why im afraid to do it again.

    aside from that, i had no hangover or anything the next day. but i have been really depressed, i've been sitting in bed since i woke up the next morning. i dunno if it was from the xxx shit thats going on in my life, won't get into details.

    any insights would be much appreciated.
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  2. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    ok, or censor everything. asking for advice on an antidepressant. you censor out xanax and alcohol but let people post shit all over the place about heroin. retarded.
  3. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Methylone is not legal in the UK since we introduced some law that banned some family of analogues or something.

    Mephedrone, or 'bubbles' or (lol) meow is more well known and also illegal.

    Methylone was said to be more introverted than mephedrone - not a psychedelic but like those drugs maybe not a social drug.

    Its well known for causing depression - at least, those who used a lot would say that.

    Plus this is a chemical that has not been tested on humans in any official capacity.

    As for replacing E, methylone is rated very lowly by most of the people I know who were into E when the drug was fairly pure.

    Even E led to many people finding just a temporary release from depression and the brain chemistry itself was affected making it harder for people to feel happy in a natural way. You can induce happiness on a short term basis but it seems every drug that does will end up making things worse due to our natural desire to be happy all the time.
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