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:blink:Ok i have been through hell.Childhood trauma abuse of eb:blink:ery kind ,raped when older ,beaten ,usual breakdown pumped full of drugs.Alco family who abused me later in life.
so I got away ! Im living away now ,started full time uni and I work part time .I have a serious illness where I cant walk much and am in pain a lot and tired along with the mh issues and other health issues.So i thought I was doing ok tbh.I see other people squandering this life doing nothing constuctive and I look at me and Ive always done something .Im guiding people on a help line at the moment and I got published even when I was very sick
So yeah Im bigging myself up big time ,but you know what ,nobody f**** else will.
Not one person has said well done .i visited my mother and all she could say was how great my (alco violent) sister is .I mean its beyond funny.
I believe theres great credit due to me ,I dont care what anyone says
I think people know about my abuse so most of them avoid me like the plague .My social worker says its the way i come across as angry.
so now here I am with that in my head along with the rest of the crap.Im angry .
Tbh I come across as a walk over ,Im too nice and all my life been walked all over.
I thought they were meant to support not tell you all the things you did wrong.I dont think she went to any college and this is my second time and shes telling me whats wrong ? im pretty bugged


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comes a point where you realize that the person's opinion that matters most is your own

If you can be proud of the things you've accomplished, how far you've come, then the hell with everyone else
I can totally empathise with you about having a mother who won't give any credit... mine has the same amount of respect for me nowadays - when I have a good job, long term relationship and my own place - as she did when I was drinking and taking drugs everyday.

Its like respect and credit with my mum is a permanent flatline no matter what I do or achieve in life...

All i can say is the older i've got the less i've cared, it just seems normal to me now so I ignore it and dont expect anything from her (except occasional verbal abuse!). The only times i really notice is when I'm around my gf's family and they are so nice to each other....bunch of weirdos ha!

The main thing to know is its totally natural to want credit and respect for even the smallest things in life, i'd like a round of applause everytime i get up for work, so don't question yourself about that.

And I'm gonna big you up too... getting something published is a big achievement anytime and for whatever it is but when you've got physical and mental probs to deal with and no support....WELL EFFIN DONE!!!

Your social worker sucks, i'd make notes of her incompetence and show it to her supervisors and get a new sw.

Can't help with the angry thing.... I get told that all the time or just get those "you're ranting again" looks shot at me from the other side of the room!
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