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Michael Savage on Qaddafi's death

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Not read it but Gadaffi was man of honour compared to the wicked men who lie waiting to 'liberate' the place.

America uses Al Queda as and when it needs them.

Used them and paid and armed them to defeat Russia

Then set them loose in Europe also (Kosova)

It makes ALL Muslims seem bad.

But of course - Muslims not owning the media cannot really make a case.

Well - the actual resistance groups - the real ones - are not al Qaeda and have national issues not some global religious 'dream'.

The Middle East is divided between USA backed states and those who have their own history and no need to copy America because they have a nation of their own.

Libya is Africa - the Arabs, White and Jewish people have not been good for Africa - stole what was there - and we all lie and blame each other for slavery - which existed all over.

Imagine Russia equipping all the gangs in the USA to liberate it.

In Libya - we see a criminal mob led by all men.

All we heard Allah Akbar - not 'Freedom'.

Women were absent.

The 'Arab Spring' is manipulation - who wins is the big money.

America is losing it though.

So is England which will soon face a war here.

A war on the poor - all over the world - and people handing you an excuse to murder.

Gaddafi was murdered, tortured - he stayed - but some are in hotel rooms in other nations making billions from this.

NATO and the UN - its organised murder now - out in the open.

Those who cheer this death - and the death of the last African nation to feed every man woman and child regardless of income - house them all - health care and education for girls and boys alike.

Now the education standards will go like Iraq.

Way down.

Which means horror for the poor.

Plus if any Christians are in Libya - well in Iraq after it was 'freed' they got killed - openly - which NEVER happened under Saddam Hussein - also murdered in public for 'crimes' even Bush could have been hung for.

Well with Gaddafi out the way - the smugglers will have a field day enslaving as usual - like in the old days. The help for Africa - from an African nation - a lot less now.

CNN is like fantasy channel.

Killing people is wicked - more so when millions of people who know nothing will cheer as they are spoon-fed facts and allowed to imagine they have insight.

Americans have LESS health care than Libyans had.

With the trillions you spend on war - and us also - we are idiots really.

Anyhow - my thoughts - you make your own mind up.

Libya - like Iraq- its going to get bad now.

Child death rates go up.

People cheer for this.

Shame really.
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