Mid Staffs Scandal

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    That as ever members of the National Health Federation will face no reprimands etc but as when any of their number cock up or get caught they're found a cushy number in another Health Authority. E.g. Sir Michael Carlisle, Kathryn Riddle et al. Dear Mods please don't worry about libel. The two named know I would be overjoyed to see them in court.
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    Like usual.. it's always the end results that get the dramatic angry reactions. Not the fucking shit that's led to these situations. Funding, staff, timeshift restrictions, and a trillion other things that come and go before the end. Some of you can't handle talking to someone 1 on 1, how the fuck do you think doctors and nurses are supposed to deal emotionally and practically when they deal with 100's of people. ??? Shits going to happen when you squeeze and demand the best out of people. Oh well, lets attack the hospitals again.
    And no, Im not justifiying poor and dispicable care. There's more that never gets brought to light for more than a few moments with these things.
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