Mid-west Rome

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  1. Seerbrum

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    The lights are out,
    Phones are dead.

    The wind long took out the power
    Most of us in dark room like cowards.
    Yet I walk these streets
    Nothing better to do then have concrete at my feet.

    I'm just looking to make a call,
    But all the lines are busy
    Because this city is Erie,
    With the lights out
    The trees look like Ghosts
    flanking either side of the road.

    If I had a choice I'd be bound for home,
    But it's just a Black out in this Mid-west Rome.

    This is the heart land of broken Dreams
    It's always the other side where the grass is green.
    Dark spires, like christen Steeples
    and car fires set by jaded people.
    I'm the only thing living in this City
    I'm the only one gives damn about this City.

    It's a Mid-west Rome, where all the roads go
    Anywhere but home, malls and shopping centers
    Lay dormant in this electric winter.
    And this population is screwed because they can't find Dinner.

    Yes this is a ghostly town
    When power lines find themselves on the ground
    None of these roads lead home
    So I'm just another Ghost in this Mid-west Rome.
  2. Petal

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    awesome poem:biggrin:
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