Middle-School Suicide

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by houseofcards, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. houseofcards

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    A girl killed herself at the Middle School I went to 5 years ago. What hit me so hard was the fact that she did what I almost did - she was bullied to the point where she couldn't stand it anymore.

    She didn't tell her parents, didn't cry for help, didn't even say a word to any of her friends. None of us knew she was hurting this bad inside.
    At least there are no bullies where she is now, right?

    No. It's still not right.

    The bullies are still HERE, making fun of OTHER PEOPLE, going on like NOTHING happened. I have no faith in what kids years from now will do in school. 7th and 8th graders bullying a girl to death is ridiculous.

    Parents shouldn't have to bury their kids.
    12 and 13 year olds shouldn't have to get dressed up for their best friend's funeral.

    What makes me even angrier than this? The fact that it will continue to happen. No matter how many suicides happen, how many people beat up people that bully them, how many school shootings occur, not enough people will understand what "cut it the hell out" means.

    r.i.p kiara. you didn't deserve this. nor does anybody else.
  2. nolonger

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    It pisses me off when people only realise something was wrong when the shit hits the fan. AND EVEN THEN, as you said it, people don't always get the point.

    There is something seriously fucked up if our kids are killing themselves.
  3. total eclipse

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    the school shouldhave suspended all the children involved in her bullying I hope the parents filed assault charges on all of them maybe that would prevent other bullies to see what they are doing is wrong. the school also should be held accountable for not seeing this childs torment and for not helping her.
  4. anonmn

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    I tried to kill myself when I was 10 because I was bullied so badly. The police even tried to get the kids to stop (by talking to them, hah!).

    It ruined my life.

    At the time I was fairly advanced in karate, and eventually the school just told me I should beat the tar out of them when they gave me problems. And I did, but they never stopped. I was too fucked up for them to resist torturing.

    The school did everything they could to stop it... except punish the bullies.

    The ONLY thing that stops bullying is expulsion. But they will never do that, because parents could never believe their beautiful little snowflake could be a murderer. They'd sue the district. So more victims have to die instead.

    At some point, a school district has to be found liable in a suicide. Then and only then would you see things change.
  5. IV2010

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    damn I hate bullies!!
    cowards all of them...
    children who are being bullied or see others being bullied should report, report, report these animals until something is done...
    to drive someone to suicide is the lowest form of torture...
  6. TakeThisLife

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    I have tried to kill myself because I am being bullied, I told teachers and they tried to help but it didn't work, its still happening now, and the police have been involved, my last attempt was not too long ago, and I can see more in the future.
    The people that do the bullying should be made to leave that school and they should find some way of sorting this out! So many people kill themselves because of this, so why do they still not do anything about it?
    This needs sorting out! Love Beth xxxxxx
  7. the_only_one

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    ive tried to kill my self because of bullies,

    kids here do get expelled, but they dont stop, they come back stronger, ive seen teachers just watch and do nothing, and of course, this bully was beating my friend so i jumped in and beat him to help him, guess who got suspened and charged, me. i got out of the charges but still. wha the hell is wrong with society!
  8. IV2010

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    I can't stress this enough to anyone being bullied....
    Don't give up..
    keep reporting them..keep telling the school, the police and get your parents to persist with the reports..call the newspapers, t.v. if you have to...
    just don't hurt yourself.
    bullies need to be brought to justice and be accountable for what they're doing.
    i know it's a hard slog but make it your purpose to live to have them punished.

    if the teachers are standing there and allowing this to happen report the teachers too..
  9. Petal

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    we could say what the school should and shouldn't have done but it won't make a difference now :(

    r.i.p kiara
  10. thepainwithin

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    My first thought of suicide was in the 6th grade, and it only got worse when I went onto middle school. These 2 private school girls starting riding the bus that my friends and I had been riding for 7 years and for some reason they decided that I wasn't cool enough or popular enough to sit with them and all the rest of my friends.

    The sad thing is, this is what sticks out most to me when I think about middle school. The only solace I take is knowing that the girl who bullied me the worst went onto high school and continued her bitchy ways and ended up having to drop out because everyone hated her. She had to finish up with home schooling. The other girl, whom we nick named Sea Biscuit for her giant nose is just ugly. So I guess people will get what's coming to them.