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I have a newbie question. Is there a way to find people of my age range (37-42) to talk to? No offense to anyone else. Just looking for someone to connect with.


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Hi there and welcome to the forum :)

As Joe says, there is an Antiquitie's Friends subforum on SF.. please do check it out if you want.. there are lots of lovely people around who would love to talk to you.

I'm 27 myself.. but am here if you need a shoulder :hug:
Jenny x
:welcome: to SF. As the others said you can look in the antiquities forum and find those over 30. Beyond that you will just have to ask as you meet people. I am willing to talk to you. I am 43 if that helps any. Take care. :hug:
Now rationalizing the END

I am at work so I only have a moment. I am finanly starting to see everything rationally. That is to say I can just about justify all my ending thoughts. Am I reaching for help? I guess by writing this I am. But I can not see anything that can change my circumstances or EVER be able to solve (or make bearable) my problems and pain.
I come to you all with this question... What do you tell someone that is suffering, has tried to calmly and rationally search for answers for his pain for several years now (putting emotions aside so as not to be biased), yet can only come up with one scenario...
I am somewhat afraid (human nature) of death, but am almost going ill both mentally and physically every day living with the pain.
I am hanging on by a thread...

I just want the end to be here :sad:
:welcome: to SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I am only 20, but there are others here in that age range, like they said the over 30's group is the easiest way to find people.....

Altho if you ever change your mind, I am always here. ;) :hug:

Not sure what to think? :sad:
Since I thought this section is for new people, and my thread is a few days old, and since the antiquite's forum was suggested, I sort of copied/moved this thread to there.
Haven't really gotten resonces. :sad:
Well I guess that just goes with the rest of my day to day people associations. One more example why I feel alone and can't relate to humans anymore. How alone is alone when you have know one in your life to reach out and be in your life, but yet I can pick up a rock and talk to it? ! ?
Sorry so emotional. I just can't take it anymore and the more I can get myself worked up, then the easier it is to continue preparing my end.

---ashamed and sorry for being born
Sorry lostnlife that I haven't checked in the antiquities forum for a few days. If you would like to talk feel free to PM me. I also can give you MSN or AIM if you would like. PM and ask. Please take care hun. :hug:
Finally got most of my supplies needed. Cleaned house and organized paper work all weekend. Just need to finish and write goodbuys. It's strange, it's getting easier day buy day to pull this off. Not sure if it's because I'm stubborn or because the pain is getting worse or because when people ask me why I am so sad... then I tell them... they look at me as if its my fault or just in my head. I even tried to explain things to my mother and it just sort of shocked her into not talking to me any more.
Oh well, just a little more longer. It's amazing what needs to be taken care of, at least if you care what kind of mess you leave behind.
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