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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Jeff481, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Jeff481

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    In 2005, i tried to kill myself. During this attempt i felt to surges of emotion. the first was true happiness. the second was anger as i realized how stupid it was, how likely i was going to end up worse then before. After a few years thinking about it, I got over most of it but what i can't let go of is I wasn't alone that night, I took my one true friend with me and lost him in the process, he hasn't spoken to me since and that kills me more than any suicide attempt ever can
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  2. flyingdutchmen

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    sorry to hear that Jeff, good to hear you are feeling better now. offcourse you do have problems with this issue its understandable and wouldnt be good if you would not think about it.i am not sure how to give advice but i do think you can not expect this person to forgive you, i would advice you to try to pick up your own life and if ever this person will ask you for an explenation show him/her how bad you feel about it. a dear friend of mine was train machinist and emediatly stopped doing his job after someone jumped in front of his train to commit suicide on his shift. this happend 9 years ago and he is still having nightmares from it. what i am trying to say is my friend was "only" a witness of it and this can cause enough trouble to be depressed for several years and have nightmares about it. emagine how your friend will feel. i am sorry for both of you and happy you made it out alive and are doing better. good luck!
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    I personally know how hard it is to repair one's life...wishing you more life and more happiness...big hugs, J
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