Midnight Walk

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  1. bluefish

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    Clarity reveals itself onto me as I walk a slow, deathful pace
    I listen as my feet suffocate and crush the ground with every step
    This monotonous continuity eases the sea inside.
    The moon smirks at me
    Its beacon light peeking through the balding trees
    It lights the path I have destined to travel.
    The stinging cold breeze flows through my ebony hair, pulling it playfully into waves of black
    My breath dances visibly in front of me
    Dispersing through the darkness, entangled with the playful breeze that swirls between my hair.
    The crunching sound, the flourescent moon, the cold and the darkness
    All purify my thoughts and help me see, see through this tumultuous spectacle
    And I think of you.

    But I am not alone
    My misery walks hand in hand, unshaken by the frigid night
    My only companion, never fleeing and always lurking to dance again.
    A sadness clouds and radiates through my skin
    Breeding and festering
    The warmth of my clothes gives no comfort
    Misery observes me, quietly through her glazed somber eyes
    And I think of you.
    The trees, fading of life, arch and move with the wind
    And I move closer to a resolution.
    This end will be painful, but it was always foretold
    I will not cease to have you in my thoughts.
    And as I walk with stars staring through the night
    Your eyes will be the last that I shall see.
  2. Lead Savior

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    A painting with words, easily my favorite type to read.

    Great writing
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