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might as well end it

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so many thoughts, no way to word them.
so many sleepless nights
this is a long road that needs to be made short
there's so many curves with no straight path
and in reality it aims no where
...troubles lead to burdens
burdens lead to silence
silence is forever


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there's nothing left there's no future
went through depressoin before and 3 suicide atempts
then there was something to fight for
now there is nothing left
it useless.
Its so nice to see such support on this site. other people who have the same feelings as me. was really starting to think i was the only one like this.


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today is getting worse by the minute
nothing is going right
i can't take this anymore
theres nohting worth living thh i this for
if i had brains it would be funny
i am just so plain stupid i didn't see what it was
now everyting is way too overwhelming
it ain't no use in anything anymore
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