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    Yup, I got a job working for this grocery store chain and everyone was nice and liked me except this one girl named Amanda. She is one of the 4 office managers but my friend told me that she was not my boss. Basically this girl was upset because she was wrong, we have to ID everyone under 40 if we are selling them alcohol. Now what happened was there were 3 people and clearly 2 were under 40 and they did not have their ID, so what I did was I got her, she started saying I did not have to ID the man over 40, well duh I was talking about the people who walked out (if someone under 40 does not have their ID and they are with a group, that group can't buy alcohol even if the people without IDs walk out the store). But ofcoarse she ignores me and insults me so I tell her to go away. What does she do, she whines to the boss. He came up to me today and told me she was higher up so I was in trouble. Then she stats picking on me all day because of that, so she told me to stop leaning againt the counter, which we all do and I have seen her do it, and my friend was doing it. She tells me to stop so I tell her no, so she sends me home. And as I am walking out the door I tell her to "go straight to hell."

    I was scared at 1st but today I was just telling myself this is not my future and I have to get out of here. She was clearly bullying me and even admitted she hates her job. And customers, other workers and other managers love me. I'm writing a letter of complaint, and if i'm not fired I will either quit soon since A new place said they might give me a job, or I will ask she be penalized. I just could not take working in that small building with her. I hate her so much. And i'm glad if I won't have to see her again.
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    When you are working with someone who clearly hates their job and feels it is necessary to make other people feel miserable it really is awful. You should definitely write a letter to your other managers and the big boss. It is the law that you card anyone who looks under 40/50. She was clearly bullying you in retaliation which is also against the law.
    Definitely keep looking for work elsewhere. I know she was really frustrating but still to keep your own credibility in the situation it's best to avoid telling someone to go to hell. If she is a manager she should be leading by example not nit picking on the little things.
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    I know her negativity affects your job, but some how can you feel sorry for her so you can take the focus off of hating her? It might make it easier to get through the day...J
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    Did you read my reply in your last thread about this same thing?

    You are not going to get very far in the working environment if you react like that. So my suggestion i made last time, still stands.

    Sure she might be in the wrong but the way you react makes all the difference. Of course you are going to look like the bad guy if she makes a complaint about you through the right avenues (her supervisor) after you have just told her 'to go to hell'.

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    No offense, but this sounds like that same weak spineless garbage that is being taught to the citizens of america. Nobody owns me, stuff doesn't own me, neither does money. If I end up homeless so what, if I end up dead and starve so what. I'm not scared, and if I am your basically saying I have no freewill. Back in old times there were evil kings who ran people, those who refused orders were killed. You would probably say follow whatever orders there are no matter what happens. Things have not really changed much. Those in power orders those without, you seem to believe we should follow those in power out of fear. Because if I don't have any money i'll die or not get this. So what, let it go, isn't that mature? Too many people think life is about what you buy and think that you have to suck up to a person who gives you money. I'm not spineless or needy. It's funny how words like mature (words society deem as good) is just a word that means sucking up to someone out of fear. That just isn't me, if you want to sell your soul be my guest.

    You also seem to be in love with capitalism, notice how you say she's wrong but, you mean she's wrong but she's giving you money so she has more power then you and you should listen her every command like a bitch. Why did you even bother saying she is wrong? Was that suppose to make me feel better. Seriously, It makes me sad to see some people think this way and it's no wonder why the world is so messed up. People believe that just because someone has more power or money they are right or better. This is the most spineless needy advice I ever got in a long time. I will not be taking it. You basically are asking me to be a coward and a soulness worker and i'm not going to do it. Would you do it? Lets see you do the worst job out there and "get over it". I bet you couldn't do it. And please don't patronize me, I know alot for my age. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Thanks for the laugh.

    That was actually quite impressive that you got all that from what i said and be so wrong. Quite the imagination you have there!
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    Imagination comes from people who aren't afraid to speak there mind. Sarcasm comes from people who are afraid to speak there mind so they do while pretending not to. What you upset I didn't suck up to you.
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    :laugh: No, i'm not upset.

    Just fasinated that you got that from what i said when it is pretty much the exact opposite of my views/beliefs etc.
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    No it wasn't, why do people always lie when the truth comes out. You basically said to suck up for money, plain and simple. Where you saying something else. Are you afraid of going to a manager and telling them go to hell. Have you never got upset with someone, why treat your manager any different? Why? You can't let go, I can, I might die tommarow, atleast I won't die upset. That's what i'm all about. However if you were saying something else you should better explain yourself. You said I won't get far in the work place with an attitude like that. That's because I don't suck up, your looking at this from the capitalist point of view as if i'm some rude lazy kid, yet i'm a very hard worker and theres a different between doing hard work and getting bullied.
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    I'm going to wait until you've calmed down a bit or something and can think more rationally before i reply to this.
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    There was nothing rational about your post at all. You seem to speak of some type of empathy I should have for my employers regardless of how they treat me because they give me money. This is rational Domo, money is only needed for 2 things health and pleasure. I'm telling you people spend most of there life buying things they don't need (not rational), also most people believe if they have a certain thing they will be happier (not rational) just ask someone why they have there job, they probably want something. I also live with my parent and pretty much don't need the money right now and I have another job lined up so you tell me what's not rational about it. Or are we being rational about emotions???

    Your logic is more of do anything to survive, which is fine, I understand. You're trying to be safe, i'm not about safety. I have never been, anything can happen at anytime. But I'm curious as to how you will answer back without saying to me in one way or another 'just suck up you need the money." But Domo what your also saying is if I had the money, I could pretty much cuss out whoever I wanted. That's what i'm not ok with, your saying the only difference between the importance of what I say is how much power I have.
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