Might do it tonight.

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  1. I came home tonight from work feeling like a wreck.

    I'm exchausted, life exchausted. I need to get out. I want to stop thinking for once.

    It keeps coming all to me. I can't deal with it all. And at times like this I realize how alone I am. Yeah - alone. My parents haven't called in 2 weeks, they just don't care. I failed my studies, I get screamed at at work. I have no one to lean on. No friends anymore. I left my boyfriend because I was not in love with him. He made a scene, he threatened suicide as well. I stayed with him because I wanted to feel less alone...But I couldn't deal with it. It wasn't right. But now I feel like I'm all alone, and I am. Where am I going to find someone again? Just where? Everyone here seems to prefer somene other than me.

    And I hate living alone. I can't make the new start I wanted to. I want to hide away from the world. I need to get out. They won't care, they never did. And I don't have to worry about hurting someone, because there's no one left to feel hurt.

    - My parents have both started new families. My dad has his other 3 step children, my mother is married to this other man.

    -I managed to leave my boyfriend. He'll never have to learn, and even if he does, he'll still be able to fix his life.

    -I have no friends anymore.

    So really, no one left to hurt other than myself. I can stop feeling guilty now...
  2. And there's no one here to stop me, really. It's all up to me. That's the only part of living alone I'm starting to like. No one is going to notice, really. No one is even going to find me. At least, until the bills stay unpaid for a long time and someone has to break into my house or something. Yeah, they won't notice unless that happens, I'm sure. Because that's just how much I matter.
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    You are reaching out here to be heard to be understood. Your thoughts are due to depression distorted not right. You need to get on some medication or get therapy to help you feel better about yourself so you can start healing.

    You deserve to be happy and at peace and it can be so if you just reach out for some professional help. This is not the answer when healing is possible

    I really hope you call crisis the hospital someone as talking to a real voice a caring voice does help

    Start healing okay you have other options out there use them
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