Might Have 2 Put College On Hold or Just Cancel It

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Righteous, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Whats up guys. OK check it, lots of us want 2 commit suicide because we are trying 2 make things better, but it seems like it want get better no matter how hard we try. So here is what I'm trying 2 make better, my college career.

    I know I said in 1 post that I'm getting back into school, well, things have not been going as planned(just like almost nothing thats good goes as planned) First off, I promise u that I did not get lazy and changed my mind. I still got the job as a bus driver, which is what I have been working 2 save up 4 school.

    Now here's the problems, 1) Tuition has rose up significantly since the last time I was in school. I mean at University of Arkansas Little Rock(UALR), 1 class(which is normally a 3 hour credit course) costs $500, THATS RIGHT $500. U might say I should try a community college, but I think that would be a hassle since I have 49 credits at UALR. Going to a community college would be like starting over. It doesn't stop at $500, there's also some bullcrap extra fees that costs an additional $100. Think its over with, oh no, the average price 4 a class book can be $100 or more. So, we're looking at $700 total. I tryed 2 deal with this problem but.............

    2) I waited 4 late registration. Not because because I procrasinated, but so I could continue saving money 4 the class. But guess what the academic adviser told me, THERE IS AN EXTRA $100 FEE 4 LATE REGISTRATION. I did not know this seeing as how I never registered late before. I just thought that late registration was 4 giving people more time 2 think about what classes 2 choose, boy was I wrong. So now we're at $800. Oh the problems don't stop there my friends. You see...........

    3) The school wants me 2 pay %25 of the $700 by TOMORROW. The other $100 isn't included because thats the price of the book, but hell, that doesn't make it any better. So basically they want me to pay $175 tomorrow.
    Wish I could say the problems were over but..........

    4) If I don't pay by tomorrow, THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL $100 TO PAY.
    That brings the total price of one class to $900.

    Why There Is No Solution

    After taxes, I make $300 every week. I've used my savings from the past few months to take care of some other things, so I'm kinda starting back from ground zero. Which means that I can't make the %25 payment by tomorrow because even though thats about half my check, once u add that 2 everything else I have 2 pay 4, I'll be broke 4 a whole week. I can't be broke 4 a week, because I have no one 2 depend on. And trust me, going broke 4 a whole week isn't easy.

    Maybe There's a Positive Side

    Who knows, I may have just received a divine sign through all of this madness. Seeing as how the college industry is trying 2 rip me off so bad, maybe God is trying 2 tell me to be satisfied with my decent paying job as a bus driver rather than going on a wild goose chase trying 2 get rich through a college degree. I mean think about it, think about how much money total I will have blown if I try 2 finish my degree by paying 4 the rest of the 60 or more credits I need.

    College is some bullsh!t. I'm not trying 2 discourage anyone else from going but d^mn. I'm considering just giving up on it unless I win the lottery.

    Do u guys agree with my decision or not, let me know how u feel?
  2. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Rightous,
    Have you tried to get any government grants or loans? From what I hear they aren't that hard to get. If you have to take a semestor off and save your money. Then start again next semestor. Don't give up on your dream, there has to be a solution. Maybe some of the others here who are in college can give you better advice, thats about the only things I can think of.
    I really hope you don't give up!! Everyone deserves a chance at bettering themselves and you have been working hard at it. Take care!!~Joseph~
  3. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    Would you be going to college purely to get a degree & the chance of a better job/career or would you be going to study something that you are genuinely wanting to do?

    If this is a dream that you have & want to pursue then don't give up. Now you have a better idea of the financial costs you could perhaps just put it off for a year or two, giving yourself a bit more time to save.

    I'm not that familiar with how things work in America, is there not some sort of grant/scholarship thing that could help you out?

    I'm sure you will make the decision that is right for you & best of luck with whatever path you choose.
  4. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Well, if it's food you need for a week, rice and beans are probably the cheapest things that'll keep you alive. You can get a big bag of rice for almost nothing. I wouldn't advise living on rice indefinitely but it is food for the short term and is very bulky so it fills you up. They don't eat tons of it in poor countries for nothing.

    There are always ways to live cheap. It's worth looking into considering it's only temporary. You just need to support yourself until you get through school and get a decent job.
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    College is very expensive in the USA. On top of tuition there are all those extra fees they fail to warn you about. Then books are outrageous. I have 2 children in college and am looking at a third this fall.Thankfully they have earned scolarships to help but at a cost of over $25000 a year it is financially devastating when you already have difficulty keeping food on the table. You can file a FAFSA if your income is low enough and receive grants to assist you. Don't give up.
  6. BH Manners

    BH Manners Member

    College tuition keeps going up because of so much government grant money and loan money artificially jacking it up. The colleges keep raising the rates and fees because they know the government will be there to absorb the cost for the student or at least a big chunk of it.

    What needs to happen is that the government needs to come in and cap what tuition rates will be or abolish the subsidy through loans and grants all together. This would be rough for a few years but eventually the tuition rates would go down much further than they are now.

    Another thing is for the government to revamp its laws governing just what degrees you have to have to hold certain positions or jobs. Do a scientific study and see if having a Masters degree actually improves the quality of one to perform a job over someone with just a bachelors. If there is no proven correlation between having a masters degree equaling performing superior work over just having a bachelors degree then do not require the extra degree. The same could be said of a bachelors versus an associates, phd vs masters,ect.
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  7. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Or, maybe they'd stay where they are (or go higher) and we'd simply have fewer people who could afford college. Which is the reason for the frants and stuff in the first place.
  8. BH Manners

    BH Manners Member

    Based on what I have read college is a lot more expensive now, adjusted for inflation, than it was 60 years ago.

    Also, keep in mind if more and more people had wanted to go to college the colleges would have expanded on their own in the first place. If you end the artificaL subsidy then the price will reflect what people can afford on their own.
  9. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    :hug: Righteous.

    Is the job you have now full time? If not, perhaps try getting another job?
    Have you applied for a grant?
    Did you manage to pay the $175.Please let us know what happened. We care :hug:

  10. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Well, I had 2 say forget it. I'm tired of college rippin off all of us. Thats not 2 say that I'm through with college completely, its just that I'm puttin it on hold.

    Who knows, by this fall or next year, them c*cksuckers might raise the cost of classes again. I'm straight with being a bus driver. I make ok money, I can shop how I want 2 and I praise God 4 the job.
  11. Righteous

    Righteous Well-Known Member

    Getting another job is not as easy as it sounds. When it comes down to it, getting a job is like trying to win the lottery, the person who gets the job is the one whose application is pulled first. So I am thankful for the decent job I have now. Oh and grants are not enough to pay for everything. Some people receive a lot of grant money but most people like myself can only receive a little money.
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