MIL trying to kill FIL?!?!

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    Alright, I need both legal (if possible) and personal advice. My FIL has long suffered from depression and has attempted suicide three times. (OD on pilss) A year and a half ago he tried, MIL swore up and down she would help FIL get help. Nothing changed and they would not spend the money for aggressive treatments. They have all the money in the world!! Last Mon. FIL attempts again. MIL wakes up to him vomiting all over the living room floor, He tells her he took a lot of pills. He tells her he wants help and will go to an inpatient treatment center for help. Instead of calling 911 to get him to an ER, she calls my husband to help and come over and drive the 4 plus hours it takes to go to the treatment center!!! They called the center, and they stated he had to be medically stable. So they drove FIL in the car to a hospital 45 min away!! Everybody else in the family seems mad at me for suggesting this looks suspicous. my husband is even mad at me. I feel they should have sacrificed to get him treatment (electro shock therapy).

    What can I do?