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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Pollo, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Pollo

    Pollo Well-Known Member

    I don't want to die but I just want to be taken to hospital so someone will take care of me. I need to feel that someone actually is looking after me.
    The easiest and safest way i found is taking , < Mod edit Hazel: methods > , am I correct??
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  2. Rukia

    Rukia Well-Known Member

    The best way is to go to the ER and tell them how you feel. Overdoses are never a good idea. :hug:
  3. lonercarrot

    lonercarrot Well-Known Member

    if you just want to see that people care for you, there are better ways to achieve that... run away for a day or two without giving any warning to your family, then come back home. they'll be going insane those two days wondering where you are.. and though you'll get in trouble (probably) it will show you that people care about you
  4. alison

    alison Well-Known Member

    I'm not a doctor, but I think I've read that overdosing on SSRI's is rarely fatal... but I don't think that's a risk you should take. Maybe you could instead commit yourself? Tell someone that you are feeling suicidal and at risk? I think if you tell a doctor you are scared and feel unsafe, because of suicidal urges, but that you want to survive, you will still be taken seriously. From what I've heard (i've never been in this situation), going to the ER with an overdose with suicidal intentions is not pleasant in the slightest. You are most likely going to be treated very poorly in that situation. However (again, not from experience, but from hearing others experiences), voluntarily bringing yourself to the hsopital saying that you are afraid of committing suicide will be a much less painful experience.

    Are you living with someone who would bnring you to the hospital if you overdosed? Honestly, I've done some similar things (different overdose method) and I've just woken up in my bed like 24 hrs later. It's not really pleasant waking up from a suicide attempt. :/
  5. Pollo

    Pollo Well-Known Member

    Yes, exactly, I feel like at any moment I can do it. It's something I can't control. If i overdose you think I will be treated poorly? Do doctors treat suicidal people in a bad way?
    I do live alone but I know people who could take me to the ER. And well I am thinking on SSRIs overdose since I know I won't die because of that...
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Well-Known Member

    Pollo, i don't think you'll be treated poorly if you go in on an overdose. However, its really not a smart idea. For one, it can mess up your internal organs. I've overdosed many times, and while overdoses are not always fatal, they're still very, very dangerous. Let's just say my liver doesn't agree with me anymore. I think it's best to just go to the hospital, and let them know that you have suicidal feelings. They will admit you, and try their best to help you. And they will surely appreciate someone who has both the strength and the brain to look for help. I hope i've helped :/
  7. Feenrai

    Feenrai Member

    Please, please don't overdose! If you feel at risk, go in. You don't have to have already done something to seek help. If you tell them how you feel they WILL take you seriously and they CAN help you. The very first time I was hospitalized was because I turned myself in because I knew I was close to acting on my urges...they were all very kind, and took me vey serious very fast.
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