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  1. Bostonensis

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    Here is a new discussion on the products of human brain ,bilateralism. Please make your idea as simple so we can understand each other.

    This is an attempt to discourse the sourceof a lot of confusion that I have obsewrvrd myself included. I believed that if our brain is functioning correctly ,naturally, the m ind is able to come out freely.. How? I am researching about the brain hemispheers. I tuned out each sensory organs one by one & doing menial things without using one or the others . This is one process I discovered my handedness. I also look into some books on quantum physics,which now,I am scared. I use to think a lot things so fast & missed out a lot of thought s along the process as I guess my thoughts are so much faster than this goddamn keyboard can say. It is interesteing to know how is it that words are very very limited & cannot described any thingking,feeling exactly or appropriately. I can speak three languages. But none of them nor all of them say what I can think.

    At this point my guess is that our human brain is capable of unbounded thoughts beyond sounds can say.

    I have not get into the mythologies yet,as always I do reverse if ant there is such point of beginning.

    Listen to the thoughts ,not the words.Then the implusses sings.

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    Words are subject to interpretation. Until we develop psychic abilities, your thoughts are never going to be represented and understood accurately. For now, we make due with our good friend empathy.
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