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  1. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member


    Each day I get up hoping that today will be different,
    and shut out the ache with compounded indifference.
    I try to fight with all my strength against the pain,
    But in the end it’s always blooming inside of me again.

    Day after day the black seeps back in,
    entwined inside, I feel enmeshed in sin.
    It is within me, mired deep down in my soul,
    sometimes I feel I will never escape its deadly hold.

    They seem to think if they name it, it will be tamed,
    but they forget it can morph and still remain the same.
    The pills and the razor, they say are dead wrong,
    but the lure of silence is strong…no screaming siren’s song.

    I do what I can each day to stay sane,
    keeping the black gorge from expanding again,
    But my calm recedes like the tide in the night,
    the end seeping closer as the weeks take flight.

    Today I’ve become mindless as I panic in pain,
    diminishing faith leaves my heart insane.
    I run behind walls in my mind where no one can follow,
    but, retreat from these fears leaves me empty and hollow.

    There is no relief, no escape, no secret back gate.
    this black wall cloud of fear returns to contaminate.
    The battle for serenity has been lost-my soul the casualty,
    the end of all those years of struggle and adversity.

    My angel of hope seemed to just fly away,
    she only left me for a moment, she didn’t mean to sway.
    I guess that’s all it took for me to turn and see,
    and for Death’s hypnotic gaze to get its hooks back in me.​

    WB 12/31/2012
  2. meawesome

    meawesome Member

    thats an amazing poetry .....full of emotions :)
  3. Ladybugaboo

    Ladybugaboo Well-Known Member

    :sad: I know the feeling.. this poem made me sad...
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