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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    you know as long as i been living, i have wondered why ministers are not like they are supposed to be or act.. i have also noticed that they seem to be all caring and loving when they are around members of the church they attend but not when away from others..

    let me tell you.. the minister that we have been to church and attended, well i called him the other day to let him know about dad and that dad has his surgery on his neck this coming wednesday and dad being 75 may not make it. i told arlon or rather asked him why don't he come and see dad and he simply says well bring him over to church sunday and we can say a special prayer, so i tell him i can't do that because i myself am sick, i have had a high fever for a while now, and i have a case of shingles ( adult chivkenpox ) anyhow he says well yes you can come.. i mean what in the world is wrong with him? i mean if he were sick would he diliberatly go and have the chance of infecting others? i mean would he? i can never do that.. i do not want to cause anyone to get sick..

    anyhow, he has not come out to see dad and so help me God, if dad passes away, i will make dang sure that he will not come to the funeral..i hate to be such a b.. on this but if he has no respect for dad while he is living and not even care enough to even stop by for 5 minutes and at least say a prayer for dad then by george he will not come to the funeral.. i will personally tell the funeral people to not let him in.. if he can't take the time to see dad while he is alive then he will not be able to pay his respects to him while he is dead.. plain and simple..

    i just don't get ministers these days.. if one can't come to their church or even pay money into the church they simply have no bit of love for ya, and that is wrong..

    dad may very well pass, and what is even more dis hearting is that may 5, was the exacvt same day my mom passed away in 1988, and she was buried on may 9, 1988, mothers day.. if that happens i will be so hurt by that, and so much in anm ill mood and anyone who claims to care for my dad and not show up until he is dead will really piss me off and there is no telling what i would do..

    you know love is supposed to be all the time and caring is supposed to be that way, not just a thing that happens when one passesc away..
  2. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    aww :( not all ministers are like that...:i'm sorry:

    mine is such an amzing...loving man...

    some are like that tho and i get that.

    :hug: i am praying for your dad hun :)
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thank you for the hug and prayer for dad..

    as to ministers for the most part, most all that i ever met were like that..but they will be judged by the same God as everyone else is.. i suppose they might be a few really good ones out there.

    i mean if i had to choose between a moder day minister with a big fancy church with chadlears in the pulpits etc. and an old country church that has had one minister it,s entire life, i guess i would choose the little old country church.. heck, bible says choose the narrow way/road.. i would take a dirt road or tiny path over a blacktop road anyday, been walking dirt roads my whole

    and something else you hardly ever see all night tent meetings? at least i don't see any here, now that was some good preaching, out under a tent or under the stars, starting at around 6 or 7 pm and not ending till about 3 or 4 am, now those where the days..

    i think i am giving away my age now.. lol..
  4. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    how old are you?? :D
  5. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    lol i may never tell lol...

    na just kidding.. i sent ya a pm with the answer..
  6. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    your not old :D
  7. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    Ministers these days? I wouldn't be surprised if they were always like this (the majority, I mean. Of course there's good exceptions). Maybe I'm just being negative.

    This is why no one in my family wants anything to do with organized religion.

    Still, it's always upsetting to hear stories like this...
  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    just know your father will have alot of prayers being said for him and i hope all goes well
  9. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    My experiences have been quite positive. It almost makes me wish I were religious.
  10. shamps

    shamps Well-Known Member

    I am in no way religious but what you have said has shocked me.I am so sorry for you and your family.

    Sending positive vibes,


  11. carekitty

    carekitty Guest

    Ah, I'm sorry. I will sure be saying a prayer for your dad.

    One of the calls upon the church was to visit the sick, so I cannot understand your minister's attitude. Sounds like his priorities got messed up along the line.

    In any case God listens to all prayers, and there are a lot going up from here for your dad and you. :hug:
  12. minime

    minime Well-Known Member

    Hi, White Dove. I am sorry about your experience and the health issues. I will pray for you and your Dad.
  13. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thank you all for your prayers for dad.

    his surgery is at 11 am wednesday may 5, 2010.. I will let everyone know if he makes it through okay or not..

    carekitty = you are exactly right.. they are required to visit the sick or at least that is what i thought.. but i assume it's because we have not been to church for quit some time now, but heck maybe they do not realize that with gas at 2.79 almost 3 dollars a gallon and i live like 10 miles from church, i really don;t have money for gas. plus my car has a flat tire and it gets hot on me etc.. i am not rich, heck i don't even have a dang job.. but like i said before i told him he ought to at least come visit dad but so far he has not even attempted to show up let alone call and i don't care if he reads this or not but if dad dies, he will not be allowed at the funeral no matter what and if i have too i will call the law to make him not show up..

    IMHO = one does not say they love you and care yet not even have the time to even call or show up to visit and then when they hear you have had a death in the family make that phone call to say oh i am sorry, what can i do, etc? that is pathick in my opinion.. heck i even think that Mr D. called when they found out my older brother had passed away, at least it sounded like him.. cause i had a answering machine at the time and i heard him say nope, guess he meant no not at home, etc.. and if they think they can lay that love trip on me when i have a death in my family and then say they care and ask what can they do then they are full of shit,... and i will not talk to them at all.. when i love and care for someone it is final and i mean it. i am not a hiprocrete like most people i know. i mean you don't just say you love someone and care for them when they have a death in their family but when they are sick ignore them...geeses

    and Arlon, if you read this, mark my words as written in stone, because if you do not come to see dad or call and he does pass, you WILL NOT be able to come to the funeral, and that i will make damn sure of...cause i don't want nor will accept any pretend love at all...

    okay, sorry this got into a little rant there..

    anyhow back to the subject on ministers.. if you have plenty of money and are giving lots of it to the church then i suppose you would be seen by the minister if your sick? but i can't be sure on that, just my opinion from what i have seen.. and just because a person has not been able to attend church in person does not in any way make them this huge sinner, so i have not been able to be at church but i have attended online, still read and study my bible, still pray, etc...

    and going to a church building does not in any way make you a christian no more then parking your car in a garage make you a mechanic..
  14. minime

    minime Well-Known Member

    Hello Susan, I will remember to pray for the success of your Dad's surgery.

    About the ministers, if you want to see a true servant of God they are the ones out there quietly serving and loving people. I meet more real Christians when I am volunteering. The ones who sit in their air conditioned offices and have meetings on how to make more money have turned Christianity into big business. We are mere numbers to them because they simply want a megachurch and be popular and rich. My experience is that they only have time for people they can use. If they think you are poor and powerless, they could not care less for you and worse, treat you like a worthless worm and humiliate you.

    Christ said those who are the lowest servants in this world will be the first in the kingdom of heaven. The ones who are more popular and richer than God on this earth will be nothing in heaven. They have already been paid. It is easy to corrupt men. Give them a building and control, a book deal or a record deal and they will easily trade servanthood for fame and power and all that time pretending to love God and care for people. Pharisees make me sick. Avoid slick looking and speaking preachers - they are just there for fame and money. If they have the mark of humility, service and love then they are true to their calling. I have hope that there are still a handful of real servants of God.

    I do not go to church either but I consider myself a Christian. You do not have to go to a building to be a follower of Jesus.
  15. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i am posting this so everyone knows how my dad is. And i apologize for being late, my internet went down and had to wait on frontier to fix it, which thank God they got it fixed this evening..

    update on dad..

    Dad made it through okay. the doc did not remove all of the tumor. he did however take about a golfball size from his neck and it will be sent off again for testing and according to Dr K. if it is a certain type of lympfoma then they can't get it all with surgery and dad will need chemo,etc.. Dad has a huge bunch of stitches on his neck and he complains a lot about pain. Doc gave him hydro pain pills the 7.5 ones which dad says helps some but he still has some pain. Dad has to go back may 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm to get the stitches removed and to find out if he has to have chemo or another surgery. if it can be removed all the way with surgery it will according to the doc, be a long surgery that will require dad to stay in the hospital for a while. the spot that is swelled up on him is all behind his right ear and goes up toward his skull, it is huge but is kind of small since doc removed most of it. I ask that you all keep him in your prayers and i will keep you updated as much as i can. thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.

    minime = thanks for the comment, you know arlon ( the minister ) called the day that dad had surgery and had left a message for me to call him back, but you know what i say about that.. no way will i personally take the time to return his call because hey, he could not take the time to stop by before dad went in to see him...but your right, they are several good people out there who do not show their works but are quietly serving..

    and to everyone else who has posted or prayed that you..
  16. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Thank you to all who have kept my dad in your prayers. Also would like to say that our minister is showing concern now that he has seen us and seen dad's cancer and knows about his health..

    okay update on dad..

    Dad went in today to see his now cancer Doctor ( Dr Kriskovich released him from his care a while back ) Dad's now doctor's name is Dr. Venumadhav R. Kotla. I had it misspelled when posted earlier. Anyhow Dad went to see him today at 10 am for a bone marrow test to see if this lymphoma is now in his bones, etc and if it is it will now be leukimia, ( from my understanding leukimea and lympfoma are both blood cancers and in the same group or something like that...) not sure if that is spelt right. If it is in his bone marrow then it is stage 4, will not know until test results get back.

    After his 10 am appointment we went to the imaging center at 1 pm and dad had his MUGA test. they took blood out of him, then mixed it with some nuclear stuff, then put it back in dad and took several pictures on the huge machine, sort of like a MRI..

    we then left that area and went to see his heart doctor at tennessee heart. Dad's heart doc is name R. Lewis Wilson JR. His heart doc is going to be putting in dad a heart portacath. it goes in under the skin so they can give dad his chemo. dad has to go to the hospital this coming wednesday morning, for more blood work at 8 am, then the PET/CT scan at 10, then wheeled into the surgery for this portacath device to be put in. for more on this device i have put a link or you can search on google, etc..

    The reason i posted his docs names is because they also need your prayers as well. thank you for all your prayers and continued prayers. i will keep all updated as much as i can.

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