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  1. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    A spirit In turmoil

    Am I a man captured by his imagination?
    Slave to my thoughts,
    shall I give up, and lie down in resignation
    shall I behold the love I feel,
    or lose it to untold misfortune.
    can the will chain a mans heart,
    or can a man's spirit chain the will to the heart's own bidding,
    can a man force himself from his life of instincts
    or will he always be forced to ask himself "Who am I kidding?";"why would she want me?"
  2. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    Re: the poetry file

    what should I do
    When all I can think of is you...
    Every thought I think
    It`s of you...
    Every dream I dream
    It`s of you...
    Every where I look
    I see you...
    Sometimes I wish I were blind
    Couldn't I just free my mind
    just put those thoughts somewhere far behind...

    I turned the radio up today
    What can I say...
    The sound was drowned out by thoughts of you...
    Couldn't escape my fate
    only wish you would reciprocate

    Your all I want...
    All I need...
    All I got left for a reason to breath...

    You said you didn't have time left for me
    And that I deserved better...
    I didn't ask for better
    All I want is you and a little common courtesy
    A phone call instead of making me wait all night
    Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I wouldn't be hurting if I hadn't started that fight
    Maybe if I had given you time I`d have found out
    The who, what, if, and why.

    Wishing you were near
    Where do I go from here,
    Try'd to take my life, for many reasons, not just one
    didn't get the job done. They took away my gun...
    Well as they say there's always tomorrow
    Some extra time left to borrow.
    To sit down and write you this
    Can`t even say if I know for sure...
    If by you, I`ll be missed

    well, I think the depressions past,
    Gonna live some more,
    Who knows if that time was the last

    Your all I want...
    All I need...
    The only reason I thought I had left to breath...
    The mornings a new day, feeling better...
    So now I think I`m done writing this goddam letter...
  3. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Re: the poetry file


    and beautiful.

    Have you thought to yourself tho, what if she does read it someday?

    I hope she does, she would only be so lucky to have someone need her so.

    I can always appreciate and admire the blood of the heart...

  4. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    Finding Some rest

    this fire inside
    always making me blind
    tired with life
    tired with the strife

    fear of remorse
    fear of regret
    fear of the letdown
    that someday I know you will get

    burning passion
    bright desire
    why am I always the one
    that they admire

    Keeping secrets left untold
    now there's no fears
    just a river running with tears
    Destroying the heart,

    a man that found the one question
    through the years they all ask
    What matters most.
    The answer is quite simple you see...

    what matters most is what you see when the lights go out at the end of the day.

    Darkness lets the fear in
    the thoughts out
    the life in
    it lets the tears run
    it what makes a man pull the gun
    to try to finish this life
    and bring some rest.
  5. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Re: Finding Some rest

    I like that one VERY much.

    You captured the thoughts that occur when words wont come.

    Im sorry you know it so well...

  6. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    The Game of Life

    Building up this life of lies
    somehow a jenga set applies
    eventually a brick gets pulled
    Then nobody is fooled
    smile as you may
    try to keep those tears at bay
    with a laugh you may sway
    those fears that trick the mind for their play
    but games are what they do best
    playing hide and seek like all the rest
    turn the corner and you may see
    that, that is where your fear may be
    Sitting right were you left it before you tried counting 1,2,3
  7. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    One too many / Now I think I'm an alcoholic

    I had too many shots that day
    try'd courage in a bottle
    to release the those bottled
    emotions that I can't seem to show
    the life and love
    the light as bright as if it was from above
    took one too many,
    my thoughts were clear
    but my body wouldn't respond

    you were very near
    but I felt you slipping away
    couldn't find the right things to say
    knew I couldn't say others
    because they would come out slurred,
    and just sound like a drunk
    who'd have belived, who would have thunk
    just one shot too many
    and one shot of another type too few
    slip in a flashback
    and you get a pass through my life
    unseen by those with front row seats in the back

  8. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    very beautiful!

    i like them alot!

    vikki x
  9. ministeve

    ministeve Member



    Tortured soul gone ari,
    The hole is shut,
    The horrors gone bye
    No more fear,
    Told those close and dear
    Understanding an compassion
    For the body and soul's thrashin'
    The spinnings stopped
    Given new direction
    For a man striving for blissfull perfection
  10. ministeve

    ministeve Member

    A Poem Of Life.

    Cold and broken
    Thoughts said and not spoken
    Drifting in and out of remorse
    Screaming till my throat is hoarse
    Fighting to stay
    Fighting to go
    Fighting not to let the pain show
    Wipe the tears away
    Hoping they won't stay
    Feeling like hiding myself away
    Thoughts gone astray
    Evil memories come to play

    Let in the light
    Make it bright
    Make it a wall of bricks
    Even if you make it out of mud and sticks
    Stand up and fight
    Tear down the walls of fright
    Tortured Soul
    Never give in
    Put up a good fight
    And you just may win
    But always remember where you have been

    Fear and Loathing
    That’s what I leave you with in closing
    Suicides, Homicides, and violence,
    Destructions and More Disturbing Dreams
    Life has Just about everything... it seems...
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