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  1. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Streets are empty
    Feet seem heavy
    Plodding as I step
    Looking places
    Any faces?
    Trodding thru this mess...
    Where've you gone?
    I need to decompress

    I need someone
    Someone like me
    Part of my minority
    Someone please
    Love me for me
    Accept this unconformity
    I need to know
    If I need to show
    These faces that are me -
    Will you stay
    Or will you go?
    Leave me lost and lonely?

    Or maybe I will see that light -
    Glistening within your eyes -
    Displaying that you'll fight my fight -
    Knowing why I cry.
    Will you put your arms around me?
    Hold me as I die?
    Hold me as I change in you -
    Understanding why?
    I need someone
    Who's just like me -
    Someone lost who's needing me -
    Someone please love me for me?
    Join me in minority.

  2. Pills

    Pills Well-Known Member

    I think that this is your best poem yet. Good job. Hope you're doing ok. =)
  3. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member


    my deepest respects.

    however, a swamp drowns itself and I am stuck in the mire.

    Im sorry.

    Ha...sorry for my own words.
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Great poem :arms:
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