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  1. Sometimes
    I think I know too much,
    but then again,
    not enough…
    Empathy requires strength
    as vulnerability,
    and I can barely stand
    in my own shoes ~
    I keep falling down
    Yet life asks me to
    understand others,
    while the pain is too deep,
    when I am already weak
    It surely hurts
    as much as it helps
    to be witness
    to another’s hell
    But it seems the lesser
    of evils…
    And I may share my own
    as well
    So, we are each others’ mirrors

  2. ari

    ari Staff Alumni

    in this we suffer because often we know not what to say
    the mirror is hard to look at because of what we might see
    i peer into the glass
    not knowing what i will find
    understanding that maybe by chance i will come to know myself
    in the road along these long journey's it is hard to be a witness to despairity
    empathy requires strength tis true, but in doing so we when tap the low reserves seems to fill ours again, in knowing that hope we give may be returned
    there is the thing about standing alone in the darkness, alone we may fall
    together stadning at the glass of the mirror that has seen so many tears
    hands touching so many worlds apart
    in this fire hell resided, no longer divided alas alone
    the trek long, undeserving but together we go on
  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    You did it once again; expressed my feelings, as well as so many others. Damn, girl, however do you manage it??


  4. * * *

    Beautiful Ari, beautiful words...

  5. ari

    ari Staff Alumni

    thank you sweetie...my kindred...whether we like it or not....beautiful words see beautiful words...the mirror :hug:
  6. On better days (though they're rare) it seems like magic...grateful for those days...and for your loving feedback

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  7. You know the answer to that, mirror... Wickedest Curse, and Wondrous Blessing


    Thanks Luv

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  8. ari

    ari Staff Alumni

    I to am grateful those days...and for those that reach into the mirror, when the reflection seems to be disappearing, the magic for me is seeing the words in others and feel them so intensly that it sparks life into me that they grasp me into not disappearing from the looking glass
    all my love ari
  9. Yeah baby... We disappear often enough. It's nice to be found in another's expressions, and magically, we *re-appear*, we are real, justified, vindicated - less alone if not One - a small moment of peace, so rare, so precious, so welcome....

  10. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    ~A darkened reflection
    You strain to see deeper
    Instincly reacting
    You shattered your mirror~

  11. ...Yet somehow,
    we, shattered,
    someway, scattered,
    all pieces fit together...

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