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lost soul

Dr has taken me off sertraline as it wasn't doing anything for me, but has put me on Mirtazapine.

Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of this medication please. I am a littl e apprehensive about taking it.

Yes! Haha, finally someone else who's decided to try Mirtazapine. :smile: My recommendation: take it in the evening before you go to sleep. I know it's an anti-depressant, but it also has very strong sedative effects. Okay, the first few nights you will definitely feel spent after the pill kicks in, well - if you're at all like me, anyway. It feels weird, and you may wake up feeling a bit groggy (which is the downside of Mirtazapine) however, I promise after the first week it will induce a calm state and the groggy side effects should dissipate.

IF you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning after taking this, you could try something stimulating like Red Bull or Coffee. Personally, I like taking Concerta.. which is usually prescribed for ADHD I think (which I don't have btw) but my Psychiatrist lets me take it anyway because I convinced him that it would help me (which it does). In fact, Concerta is supposed to relax people with ADHD, but it energizes me, and helps greatly when I need to focus on school work or a job during the day. Concerta lasts 12 hrs. though, don't take it any later than noon (I recommend early in the morning, right after you wake up)

Now, sorry to 'advertise' medications here. These may not be enjoyable for everyone else, it's just that I've tried literally dozens of meds over the years - Mirtazapine is the only prescription that actually helped me sleep better. Concerta on the other hand, is my favorite prescription of all. It's great for those days when I'm tired and feel depressed - this medication gives me a jump-start and I have a great day.. usually. :smile:

What's funny is that I haven't taken either of these meds in weeks, because I'm too lazy to get more from my doctor. I function fine without the meds, and I really don't need them... but they're life-savers if I'm trying to work regularly and be active. I really need to pick up some Mirtazapine again soon, I sleep so much better on that stuff... let me know how everything turns out for you.
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lost soul

thanks syd

Well I did start them and like you said used them in the night before bed. I am now really tired through the day and as groggy and as grumpy as can be on a morning, I feel like I am saten on a morning lol.


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I was on mirtazapine for about 3 months. It didn't really work for me, but everyone is different.

The grogginess should go soon. The other side effect i had with it was that i ended up eating like a horse and put on weight.

hope it works for you
The weight gain, forgot to mention that. I remember.. I actually gained 10 lbs! ..which is a lot for me, because my metabolism is through the roof.. I could use a few more lbs. on me. The Concerta can help to balance that out though, as it is an amphetamine.


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I've been taking it for about 5 or 6 weeks, started at 15mg now up to 30mg I no longer feel the sedative effect, although it knocked me for six when i first started, and then again a little bit when the dose was doubled, but i've yet to feel any better for them whatsoever, I feel exactly like i did when I wasn't taking anything - the citalopram (which i came off when i started the mitazapine) at least took the edge off, but now i'm feeling suicidal maybe 3 days out of 7, my mood swings are much more dramatic, and happen maybe twice a week, I'm quite sure this drug is doing and is going to continue to do nothing, but the doctor will ofcourse tell me to give it more time.

I haven't noticed feeling anger or increased appetite, but then they both swing fairly wildly anyway so it's hard to tell.

What does make me feel fantastic is tramadol (ultram) but what are the chances of me getting a perscription for that I wonder? (read slim to none)


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I am on these too. I am on 30mg a day, I have found that I am extra tired and my more placid nature has become more of a rage at the slightest, especially as the children are argumentative. I put the less placid nature down to me being tired and under the weather, not thought of it being a side effect of the AD's.


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i was on this a while back. (ive been on almost every freaking drug on the market. lol).
and yes, it definantly needed to be taken before bed because its sedating. and everyone will have their own reactions to it. if you feel it isnt helping you, go see your doc.
good luck with it.


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I have just come off Mirtazapine. It gave me the munchies like mad. I was constantly eating and thus put on weight. It messed my sleep up... I was like a zombie the first few weeks on it while my body adjusted. In the end I had to stop taking it as I was making no progress. I have started Sertraline now... 2 weeks on it... and so far no change, although it's early days I know.


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Has anyone started to feel anger rages whilst on this?

I am and scare myself.
No, it just makes me sleep at night. My psy doc also calls mirtazapine, remron. Yeah, I also gained some weight which is one of it's side effects. I guess I am just used to being groggy so I just deal with it.

It's better than having my mind race a 100 miles an hour per second. :ohmy:
No, it just makes me sleep at night. My psy doc also calls mirtazapine, remron. Yeah, I also gained some weight which is one of it's side effects. I guess I am just used to being groggy so I just deal with it.

It's better than having my mind race a 100 miles an hour per second. :ohmy:
Yeah I put on weight, its not a good side effect, because you get fat and get more depressed:rolleyes: I went from 9.9 stone to 11 stone in 2 months!:ohmy:


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Phew. Well, yesterday morning I was swapped by my psychiatrist from 50mg of Sertraline a day (thread here) to 15mg of Mirtazapine a day. They changed it because the Sertraline was having no effect whatsoever and they were worried about my sleep. I was really pleased to be given something that might help me sleep, but to be honest I wasn't feeling too optimistic about it.

Last night I took my first dose of Mirtazapine (after a few glasses of wine, too) and DEAR GOD I am a zombie today!! I didn't get out of bed until 2.30pm, and that's only because I had to be somewhere. I still feel completely out of it now. I'm heartened by the fact that other people say this side effect goes away with time, but I don't know what to do in the meantime. I'm not going to drink with it tonight, but I have to be up and about early tomorrow morning and then up all day. I'm dreading it. Coca Cola, methinks? I'm not really a coffee person...

Whilst I'm chuffed that I slept I really can't cope with this on a daily basis. I feel like a drone. The only time I've felt like this before was the day after I took a whole bunch of tramadol and alcohol to try to get some sleep (it worked, but it left me feeling like this so it was not worth it).

I'm tempted not to take any more tonight, because I have such a busy day tomorrow, but then I'm just dragging things out aren't I. Also I guess the last thing I want is SSRI withdrawal symptoms right now. *sigh*


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Eurgh. Second day as zombie. :yawn: Yuck.

I didn't drink any alcohol yesterday but I still feel the same way. Never mind, it'll be worth it as long as this horrible feeling passes and the medication does what it's supposed to do in the end.

What did surprise me yesterday when I looked mirtazapine up is that it isn't an SSRI. (My psych specifically told me it was) Also no-one seems to agree on whether it's tricyclic or an NaSSA. Makes me feel very uncomfortable not knowing 'what' I am taking... And doesn't make me feel great that my psych got it wrong either :blink:.
I've just been moved up to 30mg, which isn't good news for my waistline. Has any one found the Mirtrazapine weight hard to lose? I've been exercising a lot, and cutting down on snacks, but my weight loss is very slow.


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I have been taking 15mg of Mirtazapine every night since the end of March (see above), and by the middle of May I had put on well over a stone and a half.

Since then I have controlled the eating a bit more (don't know whether this is me getting used to feeling hungry, or whether the hunger that Mirtazapine gives you fades after a few months), and I have actually lost two pounds in the last two and a bit weeks. Not through actively trying (in fact I was surprised when I stepped on the scales), just through resisiting the Mirtazapine urge a little more.

Weight loss for most people is slow, regardless of how they put it on in the first place, but don't give in. It's great that you're making such an effort with it. :thumbup:

Personally I find the benefits of Mirtazapine to be worth the weight gain. As long as mine in under control now! :tongue: I'm lucky in that I was very light anyway, so I'm still a healthy weight at the moment rather than being overweight.

Do you get more hunger on 30mg than 15 then?
Do you get more hunger on 30mg than 15 then?
I was working on the assumption that if I started taking another 15mg a day (I've been on 15mg since January), I would start to feel some of the side-effects again, at least for a short while? I'm hoping not, I have to look good in a bikini by August :tongue:


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You might do, but might not.

I'm sure the bikini thing will be fine :tongue:. Just try to moderate the binges! When you always feel hungry it's so easy to munch on rubbish all day long. If you feel you really need to eat then try eating iceberg lettuce or something, that's what I've been trying to do lately :yes:.
I've cut down my eating and I've been working out 4-5 times a week for the past six weeks. I go on holiday in 3 weeks. I haven't lost anything. In the past I've used the same exercise routine and lost 10 inches in a month. My moods are stable, but now I'm incredibly depressed by being fat and instead of being excited by my holiday, I'm dreading the thought of it. I've been trying to find if Mirtazapine slows your metabolism but everything I read gives conflicting answers.


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I've been taking Mirtazapine (Zispin) for about 6 weeks now and I've gone from just over 9 stones to just under 11! Which is great for me as my being underweight is one of the main reasons that I'm so depressed. I've never been so heavy in my entire life! I cannot stop eating!

They haven't really affected my mood in a positive way, but I'm not going off them for the forseeable future as I need to pack on weight and hopefully I'll put on even more.

The grogginess isn't really a problem for me cause I don't really have a life for it to interrupt, but I do get very groggy and tired on it.

I'm a naturally placid person and Mirtazapine hasn't changed that in the slightest. I get no rages on it. But we all react differently to different meds I suppose.

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