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    just got started on a new course on mirtazapine and its pure hell!
    last night i took me pill and was laid on the sofa watching tv, next thing i know my fiance's telling me to get to bed.....next thing i know im waking up this morning.
    only problem is what i dont remember, apparently i starting screaming at the top of my lungs that i was going to kill my fiance, i spoke about living in Ireland for a year even though ive never been to ireland, then i threw an iron at her, kicked her in her stomach and head, punched my dog and kept yelling all night. apparently the neighbours rang the police and were knocking on the door asking if she was ok. i cant remember a single thing of this and im lucky she never left me. fortunately she understands i have bad nights without medication and that last night was only that bad because the medication.
    i've been on citalopram before and it had no effect, but i dont want to take mirtazapan again because of what happened last night. is there any recommendations for other anti-depressants?
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    I would suggest contacting your psych asap. We cannot recommend drugs as we are not qualified to do so. Only your doctor, who knows you and can assess you, can do that.
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    I would go back to your GP asap as the Zispin obv doesn't agree with you. I have been on Zispin (Mirtazapine) before & it didn't really work for me, they though it would help with my sleep.

    There are so many different anti depressants out today & it's often trial & error to find one that suits you. Hopefully you & your GP can work together to find one that is right for you.