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mirtazipine question

hello all
hope you're all well

just a quick question about my mirtazipine doses...

i took my last nights dose early this morning (around 7:30am) as i couldn't get home till then. it is now 9.30pm... should i take todays normal dose at the usual time? it would mean i have taken 2 doses today effectively...

any help and advise would be appreciated
thank you

(45mg Mirtazipine)


Staff Alumni
Please check with your MD or pharmacist as it is not safe to get medical advise on any forum other than ones what are supported by trained and qualified professionals


Staff Alumni
hi Sam.. sadeyes is correct .. not safe for us to give advice on the taking of meds on here.. got a number to call to talk to a nurse or doctor who are associated with your medical provider???

good luck with reaching a professional about this .. JIm

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