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  1. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    I write a lot of poetry of many different subjects. here are a few. This first one is about a Russian soldier

    "All For One and None For All”

    A man in a world full of dismay
    So much despair what’s there to say?
    He does what he can he fights when its needed
    But his full-fledged dreams never succeeded
    Daughter killed, his son was wasted
    His duty never hesitated
    He served his country he served it well
    A thanks not one, only hell
    Enemies’ blood drenched in sand
    Much in vain to free this land
    All for one and none for all
    A reason for the countries fall
    fed only from the governments hand
    ruin consumes this communist land
    He lost his son He lost his daughter
    He lost them all, his country slaughtered
    But there he stands a poor mans hill
    His loss in vain to a communist will.
  2. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    "Manly Poem of Viking Awesomeness"

    Your kingdom’s come
    Your kingdoms fall
    We thirst for blood
    We drink it all
    Our weapons clenched
    Our valor’s strong
    Battlefield drenched
    It won’t be long
    We hear the sound
    Of our battle horn
    The bodies pound
    Their wives will mourn
    Victories ours
    Our army cheers
    Pillage devoured
    Child shed no tears
    Let us make haste
    Come, take my hand
    To a foreign place
    To a Viking land
    Your father’s dead
    His wife, my whore
    His blood’s been shed
    By my claymore
    You’re now my slave
    Vengeance you deserve
    But until that day
    My throne you’ll serve
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  3. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    “The Unveilings of Kyle Le’Reu (Part 1)

    Alas I have heard the raven’s crow
    What dreadful delight I surely know
    But a slightest smile yet I show
    While these curved lips begin to grow

    Let me tell you of my dear Clarisse
    Whose lavish tastes are quite hard to please
    With open eyes her fall she now sees
    As she crumbles down upon her knees

    After it all, I stayed a while
    He blood flowed down the moonlit tile
    Queerly enough I show a smile
    This raven’s heart is black and vile
  4. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    "Mother’s Song”

    I'm thinking of a tune
    Its never been sung
    it's sound never flewn

    I know not this song
    Yet I know it so well
    nor to-whom it belongs

    An unspoken word
    that flies threw the air
    like a transcendent bird

    I know this foul
    It's no morning dove
    nor a midnight owl

    It's my mothers love
    Her heart down it drifts
    from heaven above

    A break in the sky
    brings forth morning dew
    A tear plagued my eye

    but from not what sound
    drifting from above
    shaking the ground

    Her life long since past
    since her grasp was there
    but her memory will last

    In an unforgotten sound
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    I enjoyed reading these. :hug:
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