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what should i do?

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  1. im 20, live in scotland, thought i had my life together, im always rly shy n think ppl r judgin me, i was bullied, saw my mum shoot herself and had to phone an ambulance at age 5, i was raped, been in abusive relationships and i feel so guilty, i have lost this baby which i really wanted and my life as i know it is over
    i took 20 ibuprofen lots of drink n smoked tons of grass n i did feel gd, i never wanted it to end, i love my bf but he works too much n is worried about our finances but ever since the miscariage hes thrown himself in2 modding his car, i wish i could talk o someone.xxx
  2. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Hey there,

    I'm sorry to hear about all the tragic things in your life. The amount you've come through just shows how strong you really can be. I noticed your poll, this is a pro life site and no one here will give you ANY kind of method to kill or harm yourself. Instead of taking your life or hurting yourself, why not try talking to us? i know first hand that talking can really help.

    Take care.
  3. noone understands though¬! all my friends now have fallen out wi me, iv quit my job! im in the house, cant get dressed without havin a panic attack! i dont belong here!¬ i wouldnt mind a mental hospital as it wuld be a bit of stability. im sick of what goes on in my head! i was almost goin to be put in a mental hospital when i was 5 because of my mum and then my mum mnoved us from holland to scotland and i never saw my dad agian., he died when i was 12. i am so lost, i hurt myself every day, i drink to blank out the pain, yet in a way i want to feel pain! thats y im contemplating a massive drug overdose, or jump off a building.

    i just got my period and its worse since the miscarriage, no one gets me, i jsut want to die. my councillor has even said i should write a book.,= haha not very helpful advice i think. just makin me think the problems are real and ha the thought that there could be a happily ever after is not goin to happen
  4. resistance

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    Hey there i'm sorry you're feeling so low. I have edited out the poll options and closed the poll as some of the options were methods and no one here is going to tell you to kill yourself as SF is pro-life. We are more than willing to help support you so I hope you stick around.

    Have you tried talking to your boyfriend about how you're feeling? When is your next appointment with the councillor and are they helping you? Other than the book comment, although I wouldn't automatically take that as a bad comment... it helps some people to let out their feelings onto paper either in poetry or story format.

    Take care of yourself.
  5. i see 3 councillors a week i write my thoughts down as it is but then i feel manic and at times go too far, it makes me cry a lot. my bf thinks im bein depressed and wants me to snap out of it. as far as having a baby with him, he doesnt want it, he thinks were too young. i do feel helped by the councillors but i think they just constantly pass the buck. my gp knows im stockpiling pills and that i have them hidden over the house. i tried od'ing several times but i just wake up feeling worse. even my mum tells me talk to your councillor. but i am so scared of social interaction it takes a lot to do anything like that now, and dealing with the feelings in discussion makes me overload weith emotions and i have to shut them down somehow.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I do agree with your bf, you should wait to have a child. A newborn might seem like the answer, but you need to conquer your depression first (at least to the point where you don't want to die). i can tell you that alcohol helps at first, but will become your master. I hope the following link helps

  7. Aequitas

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    please, stay with us.... you sound like a wonderful person that just need some love from the world.... so, here's my first (and not last) contribution::wub:

    EDIT: and of you need someone to talk to, or someone that'll try to cheer you up... feel free to give me a PM :)
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