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  1. pain_no_more

    pain_no_more New Member

    hi everyone

    Im a newbie here,coming from france but actually in Dublin to do my internship.
    To try to sum up everything, Ive been battling depression for almost 5 years. fearing very low and useless and suicidal and then building up the mess again I had created because of some suicidial attempts ( friends left, grades drop out, boyfriends leave..).
    For the past 4 months, my strong suidicial feelings have been growing up really bad, resulting in 4 failed attempts. As I ve always felt kind of suicidial for almost half of my life, it seems like i wont recover from depression and the suicidial thoughts wont fade away. Im curently in Dublin,Ireland away from home and parents, and thats getting worse and worse. though sharing the apartment and feeling relieved that my parents wont be here for watching over me like the did after my failed attempts- I feel kind of happy thinking of that btw-, its juste getting worse and worse. its like being in a rushing train that CANNOT be stopped. as i was feeling miserable for the past 4 months, constantly thinking about how and when, Im now feeling like I dont matter at all and like feeling nothing. just nothing.
    have you ever felt in that situation when you felt deep down inside there was no turning back, despite some kind of willingness to change?..

    thanks for listenning. I hope to find some support here and deep talk. and sorry for my english..:p
  2. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Vous parlez tres bien l'anglais :) Essayez de ne vous tenter de vous suicidez encore...vous pouvez absolument vivre une vie tres belle en depit du fait que vous vous sentez si mal. C'est difficile de vous demenagez dans un pays etrange, mais c'est aussi une opportunite pour vous d'aggrandissez personellement, spirituellement, d'avoir des nouveaux experiences. Votre vie peut etre plus belle que vous pouvez imaginez...oui, je sais que ce semble un peu quotidienne, mais je crois que c'est neanmoins la verite. Je suis ici. Vous etes libre de me messager en prive si vous voulez :) Je vous en prie de me pardonnez mon francais au meme mesure que vous voulez avoir votre anglais pardonne :) Ca fait longtemps que je l'ai pratique :) (je deteste le fait que je ne peut pas mettre las accents ici!) Soyez patient!
  3. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    Im sorry you feel so low, living in a foreign country. First of all :welcome: to SF. You will find many understanding people here. We are here to listen what makes you feel so low hun. Suicide is not the answer, please don't attemt again :hug: Please geet help, telling your family that you might need a therapist, plus its great to have therapy in foreign countries (i learned lots of my spanish by having spanish therapists). Please take care :arms:
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