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Misery and Dreams of Death

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by siegurd, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. siegurd

    siegurd New Member

    I was with a woman who I loved more than anyone else. It was so shocking and disgusting to discover what she was doing behind my back. I was blaming myself only to realize that she was the one causing the pain. It is over now... I left because I could no longer feel so miserable. She brought me down like nobody else ever did. It has not been working... Partly, it was my fault because I let myself be so delusional and naive...

    Days have been gloomy. Days have been empty. Night have been long and cold. It's all lost. Every single thing.... EVERY SINGLE THING.

    Even though I left her, she keeps calling, texting, emailing me every hour. I can't go back because she hurt me so much but she can't leave me alone. It makes me feel so weak and little... I don't know what to do with myself now. All I want now is to cut my throat with a nice Swiss knife that I bought... I need somebody to speak with...
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  2. Darkness Inside

    Darkness Inside Account Closed

    Man... that sucks your gf broke up and she keeps bothering you... I think you should ignore her and focus on yourself myfriend. Not sure how else to help. I can speak though.
  3. siegurd

    siegurd New Member

    Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it. Yes, it really feels terrible when people who you chose to have out of your life keep harassing and hurting you...
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    hey there,

    sorry to hear that you are going through this. I wonder if maybe both of you could go to couples counciling. I'm not suggesting that you get back together with her, but having you both in therapy could really do a lot to heal the wounds.

    Please don't hurt or kill yourself.

    You may also want to be in therapy and maybe get some meds or other treatment.

    I think that you can pull through this and get to a much, much better place.
  5. ali 56

    ali 56 Well-Known Member

    If I was you I would get out of your four walls, go for a wailk and deep breathe if helps expel any anger and hurt and leave your phone at home. I went for a drive at midnight on Thursday for an hour left my phone at home and was totally free of any contact and yes I did feel good afterwards. Take care my friend.
  6. siegurd

    siegurd New Member

    May 71 - thank you for the supporting words. Yeah, I'll probably start therapy soon. I really do not want to see her, so it'll probably be individual, not couples' therapy.

    Ali 56 - I actually took your advice and went shopping. Bought different stuff and it feels much better. It's sunny, warm day here. I'll probably go to the park to be away from the crowd. It's when I am alone, when I really want to hurt myself and die...
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