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Do certain sounds just piss you off? Make you feel bad, annoyed or disgusted? Do loud sounds trigger the hell out of you?

I think there's a reason I prefer being awake at night. I can't stand this everyday noise in the Capital. There's always some moron hammering on something, kids going to school screaming like hell, a garbage truck pulling up 3 times a week to collect various types of garbage, dogs, lawnmowers, people moving in and out, paper boys buzzing my doorbell so they can get in and put a newspaper in some random neighbours post-box etc. Loud, annoying, constant, unbearable.

It makes me feel angry. I know they're just living a normal life but that's the reason I spend my days being awake during the evening and nighttime when it's silent and get annoyed whenever daylight hits and they start being loud again. I hate loud sounds. I can't stand when my neighbour has a party and I have to turn my 40 decibel movie up to 60 decibel to be able to hear it.

I need to get out of the city and find a quiet spot. I can't deal with all this noise anymore. It makes me angry, tense, annoyed, dumb, aggressive, hollow.

This resonates so well with me. But I'm too poor to get up and move.

Full translation: "What would you like to tell young people? I don’t know… I think I’d like to say only that they should learn to be alone and try to spend as much time as possible by themselves. I think one of the faults of young people today is that they try to come together around events that are noisy, almost aggressive at times. This desire to be together in order to not feel alone is an unfortunate symptom, in my opinion. Every person needs to learn from childhood how to be spend time with oneself. That doesn’t mean he should be lonely, but that he shouldn’t grow bored with himself because people who grow bored in their own company seem to me in danger, from a self-esteem point of view."
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Are you diagnosed with autism? Misophonia is often associated with autism although not exclusively. Two of my children also suffer and they describe loud sounds as physically painful. Have you tried noise cancelling headphones? There are also some earplugs called knops which allow you to turn the sound which enters the ear up and down without having to remove them. It is something that is difficult to manage and living in the city will be more challenging so I can understand why you prefer the night time. Take a look to see if there is anything that you can find which will make your life more comfortable. Ear defenders work well as well and might help lower your anxiety and stress levels. Take care and I hope you find ways to manage it. Xx

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